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Toddler Duvet Cover Sets: Made of 100% Organic Cotton

Your little one has grown out of the baby sleeping sack. That means it's time for a bigger bed and a whole new phase of development. Your toddler may start using a toddler duvet and pillow. With various fun prints available, you can complete the duvet cover set with a matching fitted sheet or mix and match the styles! At Petite Amélie, you can choose a trendy, cute and classic duvet cover set (including a pillowcase). 

  • duvet-cover-child-120x150-circus-animal-white-bed-70x140-mattress-petite-amelie

    Duvet cover for toddler bed incl. pillowcase «Circus» | Organic | 120x150cm | White

  • white-organic-cotton-lion-print-duvet-cover-petite-amelie

    Organic cotton Duvet cover for toddler bed, incl. pillow case «Leo» | GOTS | 120x150cm | White

  • toddler-bedding-120x150cm-unicorn-print-petite-amelie

    Organic Cotton Duvet cover for toddler bed, incl. pillow case «Lara» 120x150cm | White with print

  • leaf_autumn_design_on_toddler_bedding_set_petite_amelie

    Children's Organic Cotton Duvet Cover Set «Sorbier» 120x150cm, incl. Pillowcase | Taupe

  • Duvet-cover-child-bed-Automne-Petite Amelie

    On Sale

    Organic Cotton duvet cover set «Automne» 120x150cm, incl. Pillowcase | white

    Regular Price: 29.90


  • Duvet-cover-for-children-Champetre-Petite Amelie

    Organic cotton Duvet Cover Set «Champêtre»120x150cm, incl. Pillowcase | Floral Blue

  • Duvet-cover-for-children-Lune-Petite Amélie

    Organic Cotton Duvet Cover Set «Lune» 120x150cm, incl. Pillowcase | Grey

  • Duvet-cover-for-children-Foret-Petite Amelie

    Organic cotton duvet cover set «Forêt» 120x150cm, incl. Pillowcase | Light Grey

  • Duvet-cover-for-children-Sureau-Petite Amelie

    Organic cotton duvet cover set «Sureau» 120x150cm, incl. Pillowcase | Soft Rose

  • duvet-cover-childrens-bed-single-140x200-circus-animal-white-90x200-mattress-petite-amelie

    Organic duvet cover set «Circus» 140x200cm, incl. pillowcase | white

  • white-organic-cotton-lion-print-duvet-cover-petite-amelie

    Single bed duvet cover set incl pillowcase «Leo » (GOTS) 140x200cm | White

  • toddler-bedding-unicorn-print-petite-amelie

    Single bed duvet cover set incl pillowcase «Lara » (GOTS) 140x200cm | White

  • leaf-autumn-design-on-single-bedding-set-petite-amelie

    Children's duvet cover «Sorbier» 140x200cm, incl. Pillowcase | GOTS | Taupe

  • Duvet-cover-incl-pillowcase-Automne-Petite Amelie

    Duvet Cover Set «Automne»140x200cm, incl. Pillowcase | White

  • childrens-blue-floral-bedding-organic-cotton-petite-amelie

    Duvet Cover Set «Champêtre»140x200cm, incl. Pillowcase | Blue

  • light-grey-tree-print-single-duvet-cover-set-140x200cm-petite-amelie

    Organic cotton Duvet Cover Set «Forêt» 140x200cm, incl. Pillowcase | Light Grey

  • Duvet cover child bed Sureau 140x200cm

    Organic cotton Duvet Cover Set «Sureau» 140x200cm, incl. Pillowcase | Soft Rose

  • toddler_fitted_sheet_white_lion_print_70x140cm

    Premium fitted sheet «Leo» for toddler bed 70x140cm GOTS | White

  • fitted-sheet-toddler-bedding-unicorn-petite-amelie

    Premium fitted sheet «Lara» for toddler bed 70x140cm GOTS | White

  • toddler_fitted_sheet_white_with_acorn_print_70x140cm

    Fitted Sheet «Automne» 70x140cm | White

  • toddler_fitted_sheet_taupe_70x140cm

    Premium fitted sheet «Sorbier» for toddler bed 70x140cm GOTS | White

  • toddler_fitted_sheet_blue_with_flower_print_70x140cm

    Fitted Sheet «Champêtre» 70x140cm | Floral Blue

  • toddler_fitted_sheet_dark_grey_moon_stars_print_70x140cm

    Fitted Sheet «Lune» 70x140cm | Grey

  • toddler_fitted_sheet_light_grey_pine_tree_print_70x140cm

    Fitted Sheet «Forêt» 70x140cm | Light Grey

  • toddler_fitted_sheet_dusty_pink_floral_print_70x140cm

    Fitted Sheet «Sureau» 70x140cm | Soft Rose

  • toddler_fitted_sheet_white_with_autumn_design_70x160cm

    Fitted Sheet «Automne» 70x160cm | White

  • toddler_fitted_sheet_blue_with_floral_print_70x160cm

    Fitted Sheet «Champêtre» 70x160cm | Blue

  • toddler_fitted_sheet_dark_grey_with_moon_star_print_70x160cm

    Fitted Sheet «Lune» 70x160cm | Grey

  • toddler_fitted_sheet_dusty_pink_print_70x160cm

    Fitted Sheet «Sureau» 70x160cm | Nude pink

  • 160x80cm_girls_blue_fitted_sheet_with_dainty_flower_print_petite_amelie

    Fitted Sheet «Champêtre» 80x160cm | Blue

  • toddler_bed_grey_fitted_sheet_with_tree_design_160x80cm_petite_amelie

    Fitted Sheet «Forêt» 80x160cm | Light Grey

  • dusty_pink_single_bed_fitted_sheet_floral_design_petite_amelie

    Fitted Sheet «Sureau» 90x200cm | Soft Rose

  • soft_grey_single_bed_fitted_sheet_adventurer_design_petite_amelie

    Fitted Sheet «Forêt» 90x200cm | Light Grey

  • charcoal_single_bed_fitted_sheet_moon_design_petite_amelie

    Fitted Sheet «Lune» 90x200cm | Grey

  • blue_single_bed_fitted_sheet_with_floral_design_petite_amelie

    Fitted Sheet «Champêtre» 90x200cm | Blue

  • anti_allergic_toddler_duvet_and_pillow_inner_set_petite_amelie

    Anti-Allergy Duvet and Pillow Set for Toddler Bed 150x120

  • toddler_pillow_60x50cm_petite_amelie

    Anti-allergic pillow | 50x60cm

  • Muslin Cotton Duvet Cover Set 120x150cm, incl. pillowcase | White

    Muslin Cotton Duvet Cover Set 120x150cm, incl. pillowcase | White

  • Duvet cover set incl cushion cover 120x150cm soft pink

    Muslin Cotton Duvet Cover Set 120x150cm, incl. pillowcase | Nude Pink

  • Duvet cover set including cushion cover gray 120x150cm

    Muslin Cotton Duvet Cover Set 120x150cm, incl. pillowcase | Grey


With a lot of different options when choosing a duvet cover set, the choice can be more difficult. Nowadays there are so many sizes, colours, styles and materials. How do you find the best fit? At Petite Amélie, all our duvet cover sets are made from 100% organic cotton and feature adorable prints that look great with every interior. 

Toddler Duvet Cover 150x120 cm

A new toddler bed requires a toddler duvet and a matching toddler duvet cover! A toddler bed typically has a size of 140x70 cm and we recommend that you choose a toddler comforter in the size 150x120 cm in that case. At Petite Amélie we have various toddler duvet covers (including pillowcase) in this size. All our duvet cover sets are made from organic cotton and come in beautiful, neutral colour shades. The duvet cover sets are suitable for cots, toddler beds or junior beds. 

3 Tips for Choosing a Duvet Cover with Pillowcase

You want to make the nursery room as comfortable and cosy as possible for your little one, so that he or she can sleep wonderfully. When your baby grows up to be a toddler, he or she will also like to play in the room. After a full day of learning and playing, they can dream away under a comfortable toddler duvet cover with a matching pillowcase. When styling the nursery room, a matching duvet cover in a lovely, soft colour with a calming print is both pratical and beautiful.

At Petite Amélie, we want to share our tips with you to help make the transition from a baby sleeping sack to a toddler's duvet set.

  • Tip 1: Choose the correct size toddler duvet cover

    A duvet cover for a toddler bed is not the same as a duvet cover for a single bed. A single duvet cover has the size 140x200 or 140x220cm, which is too large for a toddler bad. The ideal size for a toddler duvet cover is 150x120 cm. It is spacious enough to put your comforter in properly, without it moving out of place in the cover. Any smaller size would be too small for a toddler bed, which could result in your child feeling cold at night. For a 120x60cm bed, we recommend a duvet size of 135x100cm. The size 135x100cm is also suitable and safe for toddlers aged 1-2 years who sleep in a convertible bed or toddler bed of 140x70cm. For toddlers from 2 years of age who sleep in a toddler bed or junior bed of 140 or 160 cm long, the 150x120 comforter size is ideal. Are you looking for a matching toddler comforter with pillow in the size 135x100 or 150x120? Our anti-allergy duvet sets can be found here

  • Tip 2: Choose the right material

    Every new day is an adventure for your child. They are busy learning new things and quickly developing. When they sleep at night and resting, they lose the accumulated warmth of that day by sweating. It is therefore very important that the material of a toddler duvet cover absorbs moisture well and is breathable. Petite Amélie recommends that you choose a children's duvet cover made of 100% cotton. Cotton is breathable, soft and absorbs moisture well. 

  • Tip 3: A new milestone requires a celebration

    From the age of two, small children can start to sleep in a larger bed. This can be, for example, a junior bed or a toddler bed. It is a new phase! To facilitate the transition phase from a cot to a larger bed, you can let your child get more familiar with the change by involving them in the process. In short: make it a fun event!

    Choose a new children's duvet cover for their new junior or toddler bed. Look at fun prints and cheerful colours together, and let their imagination run free. This way you can easily find out what they like the most and with the help of their favourite animal, cartoon or their hero, you can fully customize the children's room according to theme. When the nursery room is finished and the larger bed is ready, your little one is excited to sleep in a larger bed. He or she will go to sleep under the beautiful toddler duvet cover, perhaps in combination with a beautiful Berber bedspread or Berber pillow.


See how other mums style their duvet covers on our Instagram 

For inspiration, have a look at our instagram page where we show different ways to style your Petite Amélie products and feature other customers' nursery designs as well. With our neutral colours and designs, its easy to make our products fit in your own design!