There’s a reason why sleep is one of the most discussed topics among new parents and those who are more experienced alike. From night feeds to late-night bathroom trips, good sleep forms the foundation for your day as well as your child’s. Continue reading to learn how a nightlight can benefit your little one’s sleep.

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lamp for babies led baby room balloon gold from Petite Amélie

Led light for bedroom | Balloon

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star led wall night light from Petite Amélie

Bedroom fairy light | Star

gold moon led wall light for kids from Petite Amélie

Childrens led wall light | Moon

bedroom fairy lights cloud gold nursery from Petite Amélie

Nursery led wall light | Cloud

wall lamp baby rooms decor rainbow lamp from Petite Amélie

Bedroom fairy light | Rainbow

Special Price 19,96 Regular Price 24,95
nursery lamp for baby room petite in gold from Petite Amélie

LED word lights | «Petite»

Special Price 19,96 Regular Price 24,95
led lamp rocket for baby room from Petite Amélie

Bedroom fairy light | Rocket


Childrens lamps for every interior style

Childrens lamps come in all shapes and sizes these days. Large or small, modern or classic, colourful or neutral; choose from our range of childrens lamps and find the perfect lighting for your space. Childrens lamps can be purely functional, designed to add light whilst discreetly blending into the background. They can also be primarily for decorative purposes, for instance childrens lamps that perhaps provide only a low level of light but tie in well with the theme or design used elsewhere in the room. You might find that you don’t use your childrens lamps that much at first while your baby is very young, especially if they are still sleeping in your room. Childrens lamps are still a lovely way to complete a space, even if they are mostly ornamental. It won’t be long until its time for your little one to start sleeping in their own room and making use of their new childrens lamps. Table top or wall-mounted, discover lighting to suit your space in our range of childrens lamps. Have you seen our adorable ? Or how about Madame Owl? Two of our favourite childrens lamps, either of these cute designs would make an excellent gift.

The perfect kids lamp for your space

The soft glow of a kids lamp can help make their bedroom seem more inviting at bedtime for a little one who is reluctant to go to sleep. Reading a bedtime story in the low lighting of your kids lamp is far more likely to help your little one drift off to sleep than reading your child a book in your living area or with their main ceiling light on. The warm and low level lighting of a kids lamp is also a welcome addition should your child wake in the middle of the night for any reason. You might also like to consider a decorative wall light or one that can be placed high up safely out the way of little hands rather than a more traditional kids lamp. Our range includes both modern and traditional kids lamps to suit all kinds of interior styles . Explore our selection of kids lamps and find the the perfect kids lamps for your space.

Kids bedroom lighting you can trust

At Petite Amélie, we know it’s natural for every parent to want the best for their little one. When it comes to kids bedroom lights, it’s important to choose a manufacturer you can trust. Upon receipt, you should also do you own additional safety checks for any faults or loose parts that could present a hazard for your little one. This applies to our range of kids bedroom lights as well as any other children’s products and furnishings that could have become damaged in transit. Safety is paramount here at Petite Amélie, from our toys and furnishings to our range of kids bedroom lights, choose Petite Amélie for quality you can depend on. Choose your favourite from our range of kids bedroom lights and transform your space with a soft glow or subtle twinkle. Choosing a light from our range can also add a fun twist to your space. Are your little ones sharing a bedroom? Then they might even like to choose a light each from our range of kids bedroom lights. Give your space some extra sparkle by doubling up and choosing two designs from our range of kids bedroom lights.

Our range includes designs to suit every theme:

  • Moon and star lamps
  • Clouds and rainbows
  • Animal lamps
  • Rocket ships
  • A fun balloon lamp - the perfect gift for a first birthday !
  • 1.What lighting is best for children?

    Avoid lighting that is too cool, harsh or bright for children, and choose warm lighting that provides a soft glow. This will help your little one wind down at bedtime, and settle more easily during the night.

    2.What kind of lamp is best for a nursery?

    Doll house furniture sets can be made of all kinds of materials. At Petite Amélie, all of our doll house furniture sets are made of wood for a natural and sustainable choice. Our wooden products will withstand years of play before being passed down for another child to enjoy, safety tested and quality checked for your peace of mind. After years of use you might like to revamp or refresh your dolls house by repainting some of the pieces, this can make a great art project with your older child who has started growing out of their dolls house.

    3.When should kids start using a night light?

    There is no specific age that children should start using a night light. A night light can be useful for parents in the early days to help with late-night feeds and nappy changes. A nightlight can also be useful to help little ones transition to sleeping in their own room for the very first time, away from Mum and Dad. Your little one is likely to ask for a nightlight of their own once they start talking. A nightlight with a fun design can also make a great birthday gift.