How do I choose a children's bedside table?

Looking for a childrens bedside table for their bedroom? Perhaps a 1 drawer bedside table? Good idea! A bedside table is a small, practical piece of furniture. Here you can follow the advice of Petite Amélie: we will guide you with your purchase. We have three beautiful soft, pastel colours, white, grey and dusty pink. Petite Amélie's timeless, 1 drawer bedside table even has space for storing some toys!

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Bedside table made from MDF in black from Petite Amélie


Special Price 39,96 Regular Price 49,95
Bedside table made from MDF in white from Petite Amélie

Children's bedside table with storage space «PLUME» | White

Special Price 39,96 Regular Price 49,95
Nachtkastje van MDF in grijs van Petite Amélie

Children's bedside table with storage space «PLUME» | Grey

Special Price 39,96 Regular Price 49,95
Bedside table made from MDF in pink from Petite Amélie

Children's bedside table with storage space «PLUME» | Dusty Pink

Special Price 39,96 Regular Price 49,95

Childrens bedside table with storage tray «JUNIOR» | WHITE

Special Price 54,98 Regular Price 109,95

Childrens bedside table with storage in a subtle off-white «Bocca»


The 3 important points to check before buying a childrens bedside table:

  • Quality: The childrens bedside table should be of good quality and ensure optimal safety for your child in his or her room. As with any other piece of furniture in a childs room, opt for a sturdy, durable childrens bedside table made from quality wood. The furniture must also be stable, and bear the weight of a lamp, books or other objects.
  • Functionality: For your child's room, you should take the time to find a convenient bedside table that suits your needs. Think carefully about the size of the furniture, and how it will be furnished (with or without drawers, etc.). A 1 drawer bedside table is a very suitable option for a child.
  • Style: Before you buy your child a bedside table, think about the style you want. Do you prefer the retro, or more contemporary look? Do you like classic, or more antique furniture? Do you want a 1 drawer bedside table that can be easily blended into the décor or bedding of the children's room, or rather that it personalizes the room? Answering these questions will help you get a clear view of the style of furniture you want.

Childrens Bedside table with storage or without: which one to choose?

For your child's room, you can purchase a 1 drawer bedside table or a childrens bedside table without any storage. A bedside table with storage, or for example, a 1 drawer bedside table, is especially useful if you want to place items in to clear and tidy the space. A childrens bedside table without storage is also a nice, modern look, but can possibly look untidy at times if there are too many items placed on it. If you are quite the minimalist, the bedside table with storage is the perfect solution as you can place a few items in the drawer and the bedroom will still look neat and tidy with the clean lines and shape of the Petite Amélie range.

A bedside table with storage can also be useful for any rogue toys lying around if you don’t have a toy box or a good place to keep that bedtime story book nearby. A bedside table with storage just seems like the simple solution to keep things tidier.

To accompany the children's bed, you can opt for a modern white bedside table. This color has the advantage of being neutral. It is unisex, and will therefore suit a little girls room or a little boys room. A modern white bedside table is timeless, and fits easily with the décor of the children's room. The furniture in the room is often already white (bed, dresser, wardrobe, desk, etc.), a modern white bedside table will go well with the furniture.

Wondering about the correct bedside table height?

There is no right or wrong answer here, the bedside table height is completely up to your discretion. In general, it is much easier to reach up instead of lowering your arms when you’re in bed. A rule of thumb is that your childrens bedside table or nightstand should be level with the top of your mattress.

Discover Petite Amélie's childrens bedside table!

Petite Amélie offers a 1 drawer bedside table with a classic design, available in three colours: dusty pink, white or light grey. It has simple, contemporary lines. It has a drawer with a central hole and additional storage space underneath. This 1 drawer bedside table will easily find its place in the children's room, and will easily match with the rest of the furniture or one of our beautiful rugs. The Petite Amélie nightstand goes very well with the VIVIEN, PLUME, COLOMBE and NUIT children's beds as well as the NUIT wardrobe and the CELESTE dresser. If you have already installed one of these pieces in your child's room, you are sure that the décor will suit the childrens bedside table that we offer.

1. What to put on a bedside table?

A lamp and a clock are the common items that people place on bedside tables, but it really doesn’t matter, a beautiful book or a vase with fresh flowers can look beautiful. During the night, a glass or bottle of water is always handy to have nearby and for children, a nightlight is a great option!

2. What goes in a bedside table?

You can place any of your most used items in your bedside table or nightstand, like reading glasses and for children you can use it to place any reading books or toys. It is a really nice place to quickly throw items in if you want a neater and tidier room.

3. Do you need a bedside table?

A bedside table is one of those pieces of furniture that are really useful to have, you can do without it of course, but having something nearby is extremely convenient if you don’t want to get out of bed on a cold winters night!