Doll house dolls

You’ve found the perfect dolls house for your little one and can’t wait to surprise them with it. First, you’ll need a couple of dolls or figurines to live in the dolls house. Choosing the right dolls or figurines for your dolls house will depend on the size of your dolls house and furniture as well as the age of your child. Read on to explore our range of doll house dolls, carefully designed using high quality materials.

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Dolls wooden parisienne from Petite Amélie

Set of Dolls for Doll House | «Ma Petite Famille - Parisienne»

family of dolls for dollhouse from Petite Amélie

Set of Dolls for Doll House | «Ma Petite Famille»

dolls for dollhouse granny grandpa grandparents from Petite Amélie

Set of Dolls for Doll House | «Ma Grande Famille»


Dollhouse dolls

Your little one will be thrilled when they see their new dolls house. The first thing they’ll do is take a peek to see who lives inside, just imagine their face when they discover their very own set of dollhouse dolls. With three sets of dollhouse dolls to choose from, choose one, two or all three! Young children love playing with small, palm-sized figurines like our set of dollhouse dolls. Small toys like our dollhouse dolls really help them get some perspective on the world around them, acting out emotions and interactions they’ve experienced first hand. You can even choose dollhouse dolls to represent your own family. Your little one will enjoy picking out mum, dad and even grandma from their set of dollhouse dolls. Browse our carefully designed range of dollhouse dolls and matching accessories at Petite Amélie. Encourage your little one to create all kinds of scenarios with their dollhouse dolls. Why not try helping your little one act out one of the following scenarios with their new dollhouse dolls:

  • Making dinner
  • Getting ready for school
  • Birthday party
  • Grandma comes to visit
  • A new pet

1.What age are dolls houses and dollshouse dolls for?

A much-loved children’s classic, with the right pieces dolls houses and dollshouse dolls can be used by children as young as one right up to the ages of 9 and 10, and beyond! Older children may even be willing to set up or help their younger siblings play with their dolls house and dollshouse dolls, reminiscing about the time when this used to be their favourite toy. There are even some adults who struggle to part with their beloved dolls house and dollshouse dolls. It’s important to choose dollshouse dolls and furniture that are age appropriate for your kids, as well as checking for any small or loose parts that may present a choking hazard for younger children. At Petite Amélie, our adorable dollshouse dolls are suitable for use with all kinds of dolls houses. Their classic design means our dollshouse dolls also look great displayed on a bookcase, shelf or window ledge. Our dollshouse dolls have been designed to withstand hours of play, so your little ones can use them in all kinds of games.

2.Why are dollhouses and wooden dollhouse dolls good for kids?

Boys and girls alike will enjoy playing with a dollshouse and wooden dollhouse dolls, they can often be found in educational settings like schools, nurseries and playgroups. This type of imaginative and dramatic play with wooden dollhouse dolls allows them to really use their imagination, often combining the normal events from daily life with a fantasy or magical element. Even if your child doesn’t enjoy inventing characters and stories with their wooden dollhouse dolls, they may still enjoy organising and arranging the furniture in their dolls house, and may even like to get mum and dad involved in a craft project as they get older. At Petite Amélie, we’ve designed the perfect set of wooden dollhouse dolls suitable for even the youngest of children.

3.How do I choose a dolls house?

Consider the size and shape of the space where you’ll position your dolls house and whether you’ll need to be able to move it easily, for instance between their bedroom and the playroom. Dollshouses can be surprisingly heavy, which is why young children require supervision when using them. Consider whether you will position your dollshouse on the floor or on a low surface, making sure your child won’t try to climb on or tilt the dollshouse. Next you’ll need to find the perfect set of dolls for wooden dollhouse. Make sure the dolls for wooden dollhouse you choose are age appropriate for your little one. Check that there are no loose or dangerous parts on the dolls for wooden dollhouse, which could present a choking hazard for your little one.