Baby walkers and children vehicles can be a great help when the little one's are taking their first steps!

Baby walkers and children vehicles promote the motor skills of little ones, both when learning to walk with the walker and during their first experiences on a running bike. The vehicles from Petite Amélie help children from 12 months to train their balance. Whether it's taking their favourite cuddly toy for a ride on the "Amsterdam" cargo bike, cruising around in comfort on the "Paris" slide car or gaining their first experience of running on a running bike with the "Berlin" 4-in-1 running bike, our vehicles from Petite Amélie ensure great fun and boundless joy in moving around.

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toy bike toddler push along car wood white Petite Amélie


ride on car wooden baby walker toy toddler Petite Amélie


balance bike for 2 year old toddler wood green Petite Amélie


wooden baby walker from Petite Amélie

Wooden baby walker | Push along toy | Natural

Wooden baby walker bao with interactive elements from Petite Amélie

Wooden baby walker | Push along toy | Bao

Baby walker with wheels lara with interactive elements from Petite Amélie

Wooden baby walker | Push along toy | Lara

circus theme wooden baby walker from Petite Amélie

Wooden baby walker | «Circus» | wood

Special Price 21,48 Regular Price 42,95
Natural wood doll stroller by Petite Amélie | "La Parisienne"

Wooden dolls pram | Natural | La Parisienne

Special Price 27,97 Regular Price 39,95

Baby walker with wheels

So, how does a baby walker with wheels work exactly? A baby walker with wheels consists of a sturdy base and a strong handlebar for your little one to grab onto. By supporting some of their weight, a baby walker with wheels can help your little one steady themselves and as a result get around faster and more easily. Some people do worry about giving babies the extra speed that comes with their baby walker on wheels while they’re still figuring out the world around them. At Petite Amélie, we believe a baby walker with wheels can be highly beneficial for toddlers, however they should always be used with caution. Try to keep an extra close eye on your little one when they’re using their baby walker with wheels. It’s probably best that they only use their baby walker with wheels indoors for now and try to stick to using their baby walker with wheels on soft or non-slip surfaces. Before long, they’ll have improved their balance and you’ll be able to watch them racing down the halls.

Safety tips for using your new baby walker and push along toy:

  • Stick to letting your baby use their baby walker indoors at first
  • Try using your walker on soft or non-slip surfaces
  • Make sure your child is wearing trainers or slippers to help prevent them from slipping

Baby girl walker ‘Lara’, monochrome ‘Bao’ or natural wood

Petite Amélie’s wooden baby walker and push along toy is available in three different colours. Natural wood, a cool grey and yellow version or our baby girl walker available in soft shades of pink and yellow. Choose from natural wood, our ‘Bao’ baby walker and baby girl walker ‘Lara’ with pink accents.

1.Does my baby need a baby walker?

While a baby walker is not a must-have, most parents purchase one for their baby at some point. Choosing the right time to purchase a baby walker may depend on the nature of your child. If they are fiercely dependent and determined to walk on their own, a baby walker could be just what they need to help them take those first steps. For children who are more timid and may be reluctant to walk without a parent or relative by their side, a baby walker may give them the courage to do so. Only you can judge whether your child will benefit from using a baby walker and the best time to try introducing one. You could try using one at a friends or relatives house before purchasing a baby walker of your own. There are so many different ways to use a baby walker, from transporting teddy around the house to exploring the activities found on the front of our baby walkers. Choose from our range of carefully designed baby walkers for the perfect first birthday present.

2.What age can a baby use a walker?

A baby walker can be used by your child from around the age of 1. Some children will be ready to play with their baby push along walker before others. It is likely that your child will still enjoy playing with their baby walker even once they are a confident walker. Children should always be supervised when using their baby push along walker.

3.How much time should your baby spend using their new wooden baby walker?

There’s no limit to how much time your child should spend using our wooden baby walker. The versatile design of our wooden baby walker means there are plenty of different activities for your child to choose from. If you feel your child has been using their walker for a long time, encourage them to sit down and explore the activities on the front of our wooden baby walker instead. Petite Amélie’s baby walker makes the perfect addition to any nursery or playroom, explore our range of wooden baby walkers today.