Nursery Lamps, a rainbow, or a star? Have a look at our range of lamps and order it now!

Whether you’re a complete newbie or have been a parent for some time now, we’re sure you can appreciate the importance of having a nightlight. From late night feeds to early morning nappy changes, having a nursery lamp by your side is definitely a good idea to help keep everyone smiling. Read on to explore our range of options and discover the perfect nursery lamp for little ones of all ages

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star led wall night light from Petite Amélie

Bedroom fairy light | Star

bedroom fairy lights cloud gold nursery from Petite Amélie

Nursery led wall light | Cloud

gold moon led wall light for kids from Petite Amélie

Childrens led wall light | Moon

lamp for babies led baby room balloon gold from Petite Amélie

Led light for bedroom | Balloon

Special Price 19,96 Regular Price 24,95
nursery lamp for baby room petite in gold from Petite Amélie

LED word lights | «Petite»

Special Price 19,96 Regular Price 24,95
led lamp rocket for baby room from Petite Amélie

Bedroom fairy light | Rocket

wall lamp baby rooms decor rainbow lamp from Petite Amélie

Bedroom fairy light | Rainbow

Special Price 19,96 Regular Price 24,95

A Room of Their Own: Nursery Lamps

For the first few months of their life, your little one has likely been sleeping in your bedroom at night, while you’ve kept a watchful eye over them during the day as they nap in their pram or moses basket. Now they’ve reached 6 months of age, they’ll be getting ready to move into their new nursery. They are likely to be sleeping for longer stretches of time at night now, with less time between feeds, and you’re feeling like they might even sleep better in their own room. After all, now they’ve settled into their own routine, your bedtime routine is only going to disturb them. Transitioning your baby to sleeping in their own room can be hard for some parents. Your little one is only down the hall, but that can still feel like a long way at times. For the time being, you’ll probably be heading down to check on your baby a few times a night while you both get used to sleeping apart.

Nursery Lamps: For Late Nights and Early Mornings

This means that a nursery lamp or night light will definitely come in handy. You certainly don’t want to switch on the main ceiling light in the middle of the night and risk your little one becoming fully awake, as they might find it difficult to get back to sleep once their natural sleep pattern has been disrupted. Switching on the lights in the hall or corridor could also have the effect of disrupting the sleep of other members of the family, something you’ll want to avoid, especially if you have young children. The soft glow of a nursery lamp will allow you to check on your little one to make sure they’re sleeping peacefully, without disturbing the rest of the household. At Petite Amélie, we have a wide range of nursery lamps to suit all kinds of decor styles. From modern wall lights to the cutest wooden hedgehog lamp, our range has been carefully designed to compliment existing decor schemes. You’ll also notice that you can find other complementary items in our range using the same motif or colours as your choice of lighting. For instance, our wooden hedgehog lamp would match perfectly our furniture items featuring a wooden trim, such as the whole of the CERISE range. You could also play on the hedgehog motif by adding a hedgehog throw cushion or woodland printed fitted sheet.

Nursery Lamps: By Their Side

TIP: When it comes to lighting, always remember to consider lighting style and positioning from your child’s perspective. Though your existing ceiling light might seem fine, have you tried laying directly underneath it several times a day? The gentle glow of a nursery lamp might be just what your child needs to help them unwind and drift off to sleep.

Stylish Nursery Lamp Designs

At Petite Amélie, we offer a wide range of stylish and fun nursery lamp designs, suitable for children of all ages. Our range includes some of the following designs, mostly inspired by the night sky:

  • Moon
  • Star
  • Rainbow
  • Cloud
  • Rocket

Of course these designs are mix and match and can be adjusted to suit different styles of bedroom decor for children of all ages. Pay homage to your little one’s tiny fingers and toes as well as our namesake with a ‘petite’ wall light.

Lighting for a Nursery That Lasts

Lighting for a nursery is something that can be hard to get right. Once you’ve got it figured out, your littles ones grow up some more and it’s time to update their room all over again. Before you know it, they’ll be asking for a reading light, a desk lamp, or maybe even some fairy lights. At Petite Amélie, we like to keep things simple. This is why all of our designs are made from the same high quality materials and timeless styles that grow with your child as they get older. Lighting for a nursery is one area where we can try and make more environmentally friendly choices, choosing low energy bulbs and light fittings that will see your child into their teens. The right lighting for a nursery will bring your nursery to life, just wait till your little one sees the warm and inviting glow of their room and very own bedside lamp.

1.Does my baby need a nursery lamp?

Often referred to as a night light, you might be wondering whether your little one will need a nursery light in their new room. Though not essential, we recommend adding a nursery light as the perfect finishing touch for your nursery. A nursery light can help make those late night feeds a little easier, without having to turn on the main ceiling light and risk startling your little one. The soft glow of a nursery light will not only make the room seem more relaxing and inviting at bed time, but will be easier on your little ones eyes while they are still developing.

2.At what age should I give my child a nursery lamp?

A nursery light is suitable for children of all ages, including newborns. For younger children, look for soft lighting that won’t be too harsh on their eyes in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning. When decorating, you might like to consider positioning plug sockets on a higher level so they are out of reach of younger children, otherwise you can use child-safe socket covers. Tuck loose cables behind furniture or even use cable ties or wall clips to keep cables safely out the way of little ones.

3.How do I know my nursery lamp is safe?

Nursery lights come in all shapes and sizes, and almost every design imaginable. While some designs are safer than others, most children will still require supervision around all kinds of lighting at this young age. Child-friendly designs can be stored high on a shelf or chest of drawers. For little ones who are extra-curious, you might like to consider a nursery wall light. A nursery wall light can be positioned anywhere in the nursery, safely out of reach of little hands. A nursery wall light is also perfect for positioning above a bunk or cabin bed as a safe alternative to a bedside night light. If your little one is an avid reader, a nursery wall light can be a sweet addition to a reading nook or cosy window seat.