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Wooden Toy Kitchen: Fun for the Little Chef

A beautiful wooden play kitchen will bring your little one a lot of joy. Your child will enjoy cooking with the wooden pots and utensils, as they learn from mum and dad. At Petite Amélie, you'll find our play kitchen collection featuring exclusive designs with soft colour tones. They will look great in the nursery room or in the living room! Order before 7 p.m. on a working day and it will be dispatched the same day.
  • wooden-toy-kitchen-petite-amelie

    Wooden Toy Kitchen | La Parisienne | Natural

  • dusty_pink_wooden_play_toy_dinner_set_petite_amelie

    Toy Wooden Cooking, Cutlery and Crockery Set | Soft Pink

  • grey_wooden_play_toy_dinner_set_petite_amelie

    Wooden Toy Dinner Set | 13-Piece | Mint Grey

  • white_wooden_play_toy_dinner_set_petite_amelie

    Wooden Toy Dinner Cooking Set | 13-Piece | Off White

  • wooden_fruit_and_vegetable_toy_set_with_chopping_board_petite_amelie

    Wooden Fruit and Vegetable Set

  • toy-ice-cream-stand-set-wood-petite-amelie

    Mini ice cream stand | pastel colours

  • wooden-toy-ice-cream-set-toddler-petite-amelie

    Toddlers Wooden Ice cream Toy Set (Includes Holder)

  • mini-wooden-toy-play-kitchen-with-accessories-petite-amelie-1

    Mini Wooden Toy Kitchen | «Ma Première Cuisine»


If you are looking for wooden play kitchens for your little one, you naturally hope to find something that will keep your child entertained for a long time. A wooden toy kitchen stimulates the imagination and also looks beautiful. A wooden children's kitchen is ideal for toddlers and preschoolers. It is made of natural materials and the simple design means there is plenty of room to come up with a unique playtime story. A wooden children's kitchen is fun to play alone or with friends.

Pots and pans in the wooden toy kitchen

Feeling a little nostalgic? A wooden children's kitchen might make you immediately think of a play kitchen wood that you had as a child? Now your child can endlessly imitate the parents with pots and pans, knobs of the stove that can turn and a sink for washing. In one way or another, both boys and girls think it's great to imitate mommy and daddy and play with a wooden play kitchen.

Toy kitchen with wooden accessories

It's nice if a wooden toy kitchen also has beautiful matching accessories. Spoons, pans, pots and a real frying pan are part of a children's kitchen! The advantage of wooden accessories is that it doesn't break. If one comes under the foot of an inattentive toddler, it will stay intact! This is pleasant, because small things that fall on the ground often break quickly. With wooden accessories for the wooden play kitchen, you don't have to worry.

Real food in the pan

Keep in mind that wooden toys are not meant for the very little ones. It looks sturdy and safe, but especially small accessories with the wooden kitchen toys are only suitable for children who no longer put everything in their mouths. A wooden play kitchen is suitable for children from around three years. Make it completely real for your child by using dry "ingredients" such as rice, split peas or macaroni. Children imitating parents with a toy kitchen is part of playing and growing up. Make it extra special by adding some cooking ingredients. In addition, we also have a wooden toy garage with which your child can play and learn.

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Have a look at all our wooden toys with timeless designs. They are durable and look great in every room! Whether your child wants to play in their room or in the living room, our wooden toys fit with so many interior styles. They are a great addition for the home!