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Are you looking for a gift idea for your child? Think of the classic wooden toy pram that will delight boys and girls ... The doll pram can be delivered within 2 to 5 days to your home!

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white wooden dolls pram from Petite Amélie

Wooden Dolls Pram

Special Price 35,96 Regular Price 39,95
Natural wood doll stroller by Petite Amélie | "La Parisienne"

Wooden dolls pram | Natural | La Parisienne

Special Price 35,96 Regular Price 39,95
doll high chair from Petite Amélie

Wooden Dolls Highchair «Colombe» | Pink

Special Price 31,46 Regular Price 34,95
Dollbed in white from Petite Amelie

Wooden Dolls Bed «Colombe» | White

Special Price 31,46 Regular Price 34,95
Doll bed Colombe pink from Petite Amélie

Wooden Dolls Bed «Colombe» | Pink

Special Price 31,46 Regular Price 34,95
Baby doll accessories for kids from Petite Amélie

Organic cotton bedding for doll bed «Colombe» | soft pink

Baby doll accessories from Petite Amélie


White doll chair from Petite Amélie

Wooden Dolls Highchair «Colombe» | White

Special Price 31,46 Regular Price 34,95
grey bed sheets for colombe doll bed from Petite Amélie

Organic muslin cotton bedding for doll bed «Colombe» | Grey

Baby doll accessories from organic cotton from Petite Amélie

Doll bedding «Colombe» | white

doll high chair from Petite Amélie

Wooden Dolls Highchair «Colombe» | Soft Grey



Imitate mom and dad by taking your baby doll for a walk in his or her toy pram or use it as a toy hiding place ... whatever its use, the wooden toy pram has been a staple for generations!

Petite Amélie offers a wide choice of wooden toys and other decorative accessories for children's rooms and, since all our products are intended for the little ones, they are designed with the greatest respect for needs and safety of the child. So, you can let your child play with our products in peace!

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Girls will obviously appreciate playing out what mommy does! They will put their favourite doll in their wooden doll pram, cover her with a warm blanket or give her a teddy to comfort her when she cries. But the wooden doll pram is often offered to little girls, it is also a popular toy for boys. They often use the wooden doll pram in a slightly different way: they especially like to accumulate a lot of precious objects, books, toys, stones or sticks in the toy pram and take them everywhere with them! The wooden doll pram can therefore also be used as a cart to transport toys. Let’s then give it a new name, it can also be called a toy pram or wooden toy cart! Whatever name you give it, it stays a perfectly fun toy and gift for any little boy or girl.


A baby doll stroller or toy pram is a must buy that will serve all your children. Equipped with small rubber wheels, the baby doll stroller can be taken anywhere, and even outdoors if the weather permits. If your child already has a little brother or sister, he will be delighted to accompany you on a walk and take his toy pram like mom or dad with the child pram. But beware of the distance, it is not made to ride for miles! It is also recommended not to leave the wooden baby walker outside; the wood will not withstand rain and bad weather. The wooden baby walker remains an indoor toy. Children will be delighted to make up stories around the baby walker, and to play mum and dad by imitating you. Watch them imitate you and listen to them talk to their dolls, it is often a lot of fun!

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Playing mom and dad remains one of the favourite games children play. They name their dolls which sometimes almost become family members. They dress them, undress them, sit them down, give them food and drink, console them…. And of course, take them for a ride in the wooden baby walker. Take turns, because they cannot all fit into the wooden cart at the same time! A wooden baby walker stimulates your child's imagination ... and yours because your child will not fail to make you participate in his or her games!

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You will surely have noticed several trends concerning wooden toys and for the wooden doll stroller:

Wood is making a comeback. Indeed, many parents prefer this material for various reasons, both ecological and aesthetic. Our wooden doll stroller is made of wood.

Retro design. The trend is vintage and at Petite Amélie, we embrace this trend with pleasure. Therefore our wooden baby walker is largely inspired by the 60s!

Pretend play games are on the rise! We have created a collection of pretend play games to stimulate children and make them understand the world around them. A dolly pram is a basic game for every child in order to imitate you in your role as a parent.

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Imitative games are interesting for young children because they will allow them to reproduce everyday situations and pretend play. But beyond the fun they provide your children, imitation games will help you learn or reinforce certain skills. Thanks to a doll's pram, for example, your child will stage scenes and replay situations that he experiences daily. His or her imagination and creativity are thus stimulated.

Gripping the toy pram is also a good way to improve fine motor skills. Their gross motor skills will also be used as your child will learn to coordinate their movements in order to move, push and pull the stroller.

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At what age is best to use a baby walker toy?

We strongly advise the age of 12 months up or when your baby is already confident to walk on their own.

Is a baby walker supposed to teach a baby to walk?

No, these items are NOT to teach a baby to walk, we do not suggest using this toy if your child isn’t yet able to walk on their own, unassisted.

Is this toy pram for 2 year olds?

This cart is ideal for 2 year olds and a perfect gift. They love pushing things around at this age, whether you have a boy or a girl, it will be well loved by all toddlers.