Interested in purchasing a playpen to help keep your little one safe while letting them explore? Continue reading for more information on introducing a playpen as well as different styles of playpen and find out whether a playpen is just what you need.

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Foldable Wooden Baby Playpen "zèbre" 100x75 | White

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Foldable Wooden Baby Playpen «TIGRE» 100x75 | Natural

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Baby Play Pen «Panthere» 100x75 | Black


A Safe Space to Explore in their Playpen

Your little one is growing up fast, from reaching out to grab their favourite toy to rolling over on their playmat, it won’t be long before they’re getting up to mischief! You might find yourself starting to wonder whether now is the right time to buy a playpen. A playpen is an easy-to-assemble structure that allows you to create a safe space for your baby to enjoy playing freely. This can help keep your little one safe from harm and away from any hazards in the home. Now, some people don’t like the idea of their baby or toddler being cooped up in a playpen, which is great if they’re happy to babyproof their entire home and allow their little one to go wherever they please. If you’re confident you can make your entire home safe for your little one then you probably don’t need a playpen. The reality is that we’re only human, and keeping watch over a baby at all times is hard work! Why not treat your little one to a lovely playpen to help take some of the weight off your shoulders. Of course, babies and toddlers still require supervision while using their playpen, but having a playpen does allow you to get stuff done, for instance, in the kitchen, while keeping a watchful eye on your little one just a few feet away. A playpen can be used anywhere in the house. From a corner of the study to the laundry room, get through your to-do list while your baby plays by your side in their new playpen. Browse our range of carefully designed playpens at Petite Amélie.

Why Choose a Playpen

Whether or not you need a baby playpen really depends on the type of household you live in. Is your home busy and fast paced with lots of people rushing around? In this case a small baby would probably appreciate the safe haven of their baby playpen and enjoy having their own space. Are there other children in your home? If there are children who are too young to understand how to look out for a baby when they're playing, a baby playpen could be an essential! Same goes for older children who enjoy boisterous play, or play a lot of sports, a baby playpen could help protect your little one from any stray balls! Lastly, do you have any pets in the household? If so, a baby playpen could be just what you need to help keep your little one safe while your pets adjust to having a baby in the home. If you often have visitors, friends and family will be able to bring their children and pets round to join in the fun while your little one plays safely in their baby playpen. From lightweight and portable to sturdier options, find the perfect baby playpen for your little one at Petite Amélie. Read on to learn more about the different types of baby playpen available.

Types of Playpen

When it comes to choosing a playpen for babies there are so many choices available on the market. From sturdy wooden designs to match your cosy Scandi interiors to folding options perfect for packing up and taking on holiday. Make sure you purchase the right playpen for babies for your little one by taking time to browse all the options. Consider the material you want your playpen for babies to be made of, wood, plastic or fabric. Is portability an important factor when it comes to choosing your playpen for babies, or is your playpen for babies likely to stay in the same position. Lastly, it’s important to make sure your playpen for babies complies with the European safety regulations in force by choosing a trusted manufacturer and reading product reviews.

1.Does my baby need a playpen?

While a playpen is not an essential like a cot or pram, it can certainly be very useful. A playpen allows you to create a safe space for your baby to explore freely. Playpens have been very popular over the years, and a “playpen baby” will learn and develop no differently to a child who had free rein of the house. A playpen baby will of course still learn things like depth perception and how to navigate hazards throughout daily life, while enjoying some downtime and a break from all that learning to play risk-free in a safe space. Many a happy playpen baby can be seen in playgroups and nurseries round the world, and they are often used in care settings and businesses to help keep little ones safe, such as:

  • Health care settings
  • Playgroups, nurseries and creches
  • Gyms and swimming pools
  • Soft play and other children’s leisure establishments

In no time at all, you’ll have a happy playpen baby of your own, getting up to mischief in the safety of their playpen!

2.What age are playpens suitable for?

A playpen is suitable for babies aged 6 months and over. Ideally, you should start with a gentle introduction to help them get used to the space when your baby is around 4 months old and before they become mobile. For younger babies, we recommend a wooden playpen made from safe and non-toxic materials. A wooden playpen will also be sturdy enough to see your baby into toddlerhood.

3.How do I know my playpen is safe?

Start by ensuring your playpen is made with non-toxic paint and materials in accordance with European regulations. Whether your playpen is made from wood, plastic or fabric, check closely for any loose or faulty parts that look like they could harm your little one. Choose a manufacturer you trust and check reviews from other parents for added peace of mind. If you’re short of space, you might want to choose a foldable playpen. A foldable playpen also offers the added benefit of being able to be packed up and taken on trips or to visit relatives.