Many children dream of having bunk beds. Perfect for twins or siblings who are close in age, a bunk bed puts the fun back into bedtime. Even if your little one is an only child, a bunk bed can still be a great choice, meaning there is a spare kids single bed when the time comes for having sleepovers. Choosing a bunk bed over a kids single bed is also a great way to introduce clever storage options. So when the time comes for purchasing a new bed for your little one, think carefully before choosing between a kids single bed and a bunk bed.
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Bunk bed 200x90 «NUAGE»

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Detachable bunk bed 200x90 «JUMEAUX» - Grey

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Bottom drawer for bunk bed "NUAGE" 200x90


Some people might think that bunk beds for kids are far more costly and complicated to build than a regular kids single bed. In reality, bunk beds for kids can be an easy-to-build and cost effective choice, offering real longevity when compared with a kids single bed.

Besides creating an extra place to sleep for a younger sibling or overnight guest, kids' bunk beds free up space in the rest of the room, allowing you to create a spacious new layout. Space saving and versatile, it’s no wonder bunk beds are a popular choice among parents and children of all ages.

With so many options out there to choose from, allow us to outline two of the main space saving bunk beds for kids available at Petite Amélie:

1. Kids Bed with Desk

A kids bed with desk is a great option for a child no matter what their age. Younger children will enjoy getting creative with some arts and crafts whilst older children can use the desk for their hobbies and school work. Even if you have the space for a separate desk in your child's bedroom or elsewhere in the family home, you might still want to opt for a kids bed with desk in order to give them their own space. Your child will love having their own dedicated workspace in their new kids bed with desk. It’s important to involve your child when it comes to designing their bedroom. Your child will enjoy decorating their new kids bed with desk and making it their own. See our bedding here.

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2. Bunk Bed with Desk and Wardrobe

For even more storage, you might want to consider a kids bunk bed with desk and wardrobe combination. A bunk bed with desk and wardrobe allows you to really maximise the space, leaving plenty of room to play! Have you seen our blankets?

Detachable Bunk Beds

The best thing about many of these bunk beds for kids is that they are designed so that they can easily be separated into kids single beds when needed. Often referred to as detachable bunk beds, these clever bunk beds for kids have been crafted to give you the best of both worlds. This means that when the time comes for your children to have their own rooms or perhaps an unexpected house move, you can easily separate your bunk beds into kids single beds.

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Some children will ask for a bunk bed after seeing them at a friend’s house, on TV or in a book. Bunk beds for kids can also make a great birthday or Christmas present. The arrival of a new baby or even a house move can be the perfect time to invest in bunk beds for kids.

Bunk beds for kids are recommended for ages four and up. Younger children are better to sleep on the lower bunk, keeping the top bunk for older children. Children under six are not recommended to sleep in the top bunk.

If you do have younger children sleeping in bunk beds, you might want to consider a bunk bed safety rail. A bunk bed safety rail attaches to the side of your bunk bed to help protect younger children who are new to sleeping in a kids single bed or bunk bed.


At Petite Amélie, our range of bunk beds for kids are designed with premium materials and in accordance with the highest safety standards. Beds produced in accordance with these standards will usually bear a quality mark. Check for the quality mark to be sure your children’s beds have been built according to the highest safety standards. These safety standards mean the bed will be solidly built and have no sharp edges. Steps and ladders must be firmly attached, sturdy and have good grip.


Bunk beds for kids come in a range of different heights, often referred to as low, mid and high sleeper beds. While there are no black and white rules about which height of bed is best for which age range, there are safety guidelines about ceiling height and distance from the mattress. It’s recommended to have a distance of at least two feet between the top mattress and ceiling. This is so children are able to sit up comfortably and avoid any bumps.

Discover the ideal bunk bed for your little one at Petite Amélie.