Children's washable rugs made from 100% cotton and incredibly soft

Petite Amélie have 100% cotton rugs which are incredibly soft and have an anti-slip layer. We have a range of washable rugs to suit you interior style. Choose from different shapes such as round rugs, stone-shaped or rectangular. The soft pastel shades such as pink, grey, white and beige fit into every boys and girls nursery. We also have an animal rug to spruce up your jungle or unicorn themed room.

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Kids rugs rectangular beige with dots cotton 120x170cm washable from Petite Amélie


Kids rug washable circle from Petite Amélie

Washable children's rug | Round | Dots

round washable beige rug nursery from Petite Amélie

Washable children's rug with anti-slip coating «CERCLE» | Off white-taupe

Round nursery rug off white with dots cotton from Petite Amélie


Kids carpet round washable natural with dots 110x110cm from Petite Amélie


rainbow carpet 78x110 petite amelie childrens room decor from Petite Amélie

Washable Rainbow Rug | Rose Pink with Peach tones

light pink round unicorn rug for kids room from Petite Amélie

Childrens machine washable Unicorn rug | Lara

Kids rug washable for toddler room dino from Petite Amélie

Washable children's rug | Dino | Green

Kids rug washable seahorse from Petite Amélie

Washable children's rug | Seahorse

Washable rugs for kids rooms starfish pink from Petite Amélie

Washable children's rug | Starfish | Pink

Kids bedroom rug washable fish from Petite Amelie

Washable kids rug | Fish

Kids room rug rocket 85x110cm from Petite Amélie

Washable children's rug | Space rocket

Childrens washable lion rug from Petite Amélie

Machine washable animal rug for kids room | A lion named Leo

Animal shaped rug kids washable stingray from Petite Amélie

Washable children's rug | Stingray

childrens grey bunny rabbit rug for bedroom or nursery from Petite Amélie

Children's washable bedroom rug | Bunny Rabbit «Lapin» 100 x 130 CM| Grey

round washable floor rug mint childrens room from Petite Amélie

Washable children's rug with anti-slip coating «CERCLE» | Mint Blue

round pink soft washable rug for baby room from Petite Amélie

Washable children's rug with anti-slip coating «CERCLE» | Dusty Pink

Neutral nursery rug washable tan in colour from cotton 110x110cm from Petite Amélie



Why choose cotton rugs?

Cotton rugs offer a number of advantages over synthetic material. For example, cotton is available in all imaginable colors and you can source carpets in beautiful, full pastel shades such as:
  • cream,
  • white
  • beige and
  • deep grey colors:
The structure of cotton is very appealing, the texture of the material feels wonderfully soft as opposed to synthetic rugs that still feel a bit rough being an unnatural material. Cotton rugs are made from a material that breathes very well. Washable rugs are extremely important as you are able to throw them straight into the washing machine. Always useful when something makes life easier and its also important for good hygiene in the nursery.

The animal rug

We have the cutest animal rug especially for you. Our range includes a unicorn animal rug or a beautiful brave little lion animal rug named Leo. We also have a koala, a panda and a kitty cat rug named Kitty. These super cute animals have been especially chosen for Petite Amélie’s collection and the interior designer amongst us will be happy that we have various items that match these rugs. We have some animal wall décor as well as bedding and a few pull toys to match for your nursery. An animal rug not only functions as décor for your nursery or toddlers room, it is well made and safe as it has an anti-slip layer at the bottom which keeps it in place. There is nothing better than a rug that stays in place. Another positive point is that our washable rugs can be placed in the washing machine. It is advisable to only place our washable rugs in the dryer for short periods at a time and on a low heat setting.

Beautiful childrens bedroom rugs for any interior style

Whatever style interior you have created in the children's room, there are always childrens bedroom rugs that fits perfectly with that. Modern, vintage or romantic, you will easily find nursery rugs or childrens bedroom rugs that would fit perfectly with the rest of the décor. An option, of course, is to let your child decide on a rug for their own room, after all, they are the ones that will be spending time playing and sleeping in their room. This will make them feel comfortable and a sense of ownership to be part of that selection process. Petite Amélies cotton rugs are perfect for any interior.

Think of allergies when purchasing rugs for childrens rooms

Because there are quite a lot of children who suffer from dust / house mite allergies, this is also a point to consider. In this respect, wool may be a less suitable material as well as some synthetic fibers that are not easy to clean.

Petite Amélie’s washable rugs are therefore suitable for allergy sufferers.

Cotton is a great material that you can throw in the washing machine and even in the dryer. When children play, there are bound to be accidents like muddy feet from jumping in those muddy puddles, a juice box knocked over, accidents happen. Over time, dust and excrement from house mites still accumulate despite vacuuming. Fortunately, with our washable rugs, this is not a problem. A clean rug means less dust and therefore less trouble with any allergic reactions.

Click here for our beautiful pastel rugs for childrens rooms.And to conclude, here are the most frequently asked questions about cotton children's carpets for you:

1. Why choose washable rugs?

For good hygiene in the nursery, it is important to choose washable rugs that can be put in the washing machine?

2. What are the advantages of cotton rugs?

Our cotton rugs are made from 100% cotton, an environmentally friendly material which is incredibly versatile. The fibres of cotton are soft, strong and hold dyes very well.

3. Can you machine wash cotton rugs?

Yes. Petite Amélies washable rugs are made from cotton and even with an anti-slip backing, they can be machine washed.