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Children's Wardrobes and Storage: Matching sets available!

A children's storage unit is useful to keep the toddler room organized and teach children how to put their clothes and toys away properly. With a spacious bookshelf or toy box, your little one can neatly place books and toys in a secure place where they can easily be found again. Our new 'Cerise' collection features a matching wooden bookshelf, bookcase, and toy box. Have a look at the collection below.

  • Petite Amélie Children's Clothing Rack Wooden

    Children's Clothing Rack

  • Bookshelf Wooden Children's Room

    Wooden Bookshelf «Cerise»

  • Wooden Bookcase Children's Room Petite Amélie

    Wooden Bookcase «Cerise»

  • Toy Box White Wooden from Petite Amélie

    Wooden Toy Box «Cerise»


5 Helpful Tips for Choosing the Right Toddler Storage Furniture

Below are some practical tips that may come in handy when choosing a storage unit for the nursery.

TIP 1: Consider the Available Space

The wardrobe and other storage units can take up a significant amount of space in the nursery room, along with the toddler or junior bed. You'll want to check if there is enough space there. Smaller storage units can be a great space-saving solution. A clothing rack, for example, is great for toddlers to hang their clothes on and more easily choose what they want to wear.

When you choose furniture such as a bookcase that is slightly elevated on legs, you can create a more spatial effect. In addition, the space under and behind the bookcase is more easily accessible, so you can clean and vaccum the area. 

TIP 2: Choose a wardrobe or clothing rack to keep the room organized

When your child grows up, the space that his or her clothes take up also increases. Sufficient storage space for folding or hanging clothes is therefore becoming increasingly necessary. In short: a wardrobe or clothing rack is very desirable.


High-standing furniture for the nursery or furniture made of thin material starts to wobble after a while, with doors that no longer hang straight. After moving them once, you can practically throw them away. If you want to avoid this, opt for solid nursery furniture. The quality of the hinges and drawer rails is essential. Also consider the thickness of the doors. In a photo, a toddler's wardrobe might look nice while the doors are made of paper-thin hardboard instead of solid quality fibrewood or wood.


A solid bookshelf or toy box for the children's room can last as long as 10-20 years in terms of the durability of the construction. Therefore, choose a timeless design that you will always enjoy having and a style that can easily be combined with different colors and trends.


Finally, some useful tips to keep the toddler's wardrobe tidy. Is the nursery ready once assembled? Make sure there is sufficient light in the room. That way you can easily find your way in the evenings. With storage furniture you keep all socks, underpants, t-shirts etc. neatly apart. Work with different color hangers or trays with which you can easily separate summer and winter clothing.

Other nursery accessories & parts

The toddler's storage furniture is an important component for nursery rooms. But the room is not complete without a few other parts and accessories. Think of:

  • Children's Lamps
  • Wall Shelves
  • Children's Table and Chair

In addition, there are of course plenty of other options for nicely dressing the nursery and children's rooms. Please contact us for advice.