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An Anti-Allergy Duvet and Pillow for Toddler Beds

All children's duvets from Petite Amélie are suitable for use year-round. Moreover, our toddler comforters are very breathable. The all-around duvets are made of a synthetic material that is hypoallergenic and is machine washable at high temperatures.

  • Fitted Sheet Foret in Light Grey 90x200cm from Petite Amélie

    Fitted Sheet «Forêt» 90x200cm | Light Grey

  • Duvet-cover-child-bed-Automne-Petite Amelie

    Duvet Cover Set «Automne» 120x150cm, incl. Pillowcase | white

  • Duvet-cover-for-children-Foret-Petite Amelie

    Duvet Cover Set «Forêt» 120x150cm, incl. Pillowcase | Light Grey

  • Duvet-cover-for-children-Sureau-Petite Amelie

    Duvet Cover Set «Sureau» 120x150cm, incl. Pillowcase | Soft Rose

  • Duvet-cover-for-children-Champetre-Petite Amelie

    Duvet Cover Set «Champêtre»120x150cm, incl. Pillowcase | Floral Blue

  • Duvet-cover-child-bed-Lune-Petite Amelie

    Duvet Cover Set «Lune» 120x150cm, incl. Pillowcase | Grey

  • Duvet-cover-incl-pillowcase-Automne-Petite Amelie

    Duvet Cover Set «Automne»140x200cm, incl. Pillowcase | White

  • Duvet-cover-for-children-Lune-Petite Amélie

    Duvet Cover Set «Lune» 140x200cm, incl. Pillowcase | Grey


Children's Duvet: How to choose the right size?

A children's comforter in the size 150x120 is perfect for junior and toddler beds from 140 to 160 cm long. The Petite Amélie toddler comforter set in 150x120 cm fits perfectly with a standard toddler bed. For children who sleep in a bed with a toddler mattress of 120x160 cm, a sizee of 135x100 cm is a better fit. Please note: a duvet is not intended for newborn babies.

Does my child need a children's pillow?

Up to a year or two, toddlers typically sleep without a pillow in their crib. At a certain moment, you may notice that your child starts to find it pleasant to rest the head on a cushion. When providing the child's first pillow, do not choose a thick, full-sized cushion. A flat toddler pillow is a better and safer choice, so your little one can sleep comfortably.

Which heat class should I choose for the children's duvet?

The warmth of duvets, and specifically those for children, is usually represented by heat classes: 1 to 4. The higher the class, the less warm the duvet is. In heat class 1, you will find the thick, winter duvets. The all year-round duvets fall into class 2 and 3. If you are looking for a thin duvet for the summer, choose class 4. 

The choice you made depends on personal preference and of course, the temperature in the nursery. In well-insulated, moderately heated bedrooms, an all year-round children's duvet is a great option. On hot summer nights, you can let your child sleep under just a duvet cover or sheet. During a very cold winter period, add an extra blanket, or an extra winter or 4-season duvet for your son's or daughter's toddler bed.

If my children's duvet is made of polyester, is it still breathable!?

This is a question that is regularly asked and is often based on a misunderstanding. The structure of a modern, good polyester fabric is made in such a way that small holes ensure very good breathability. Innovative, patented fillings, such as Amball® also have excellent breathability. At the same time, polyester has the advantage that perspiration does not absorb, but repels. Polyester is furthermore a material that is easy to clean and does not cause allergies quickly.

Other things to note when purchasing a toddler comforter

One additional tip... always consider safety when choosing a comforter. When a toddler's duvet and pillow are provided with a safety certificate such as, the OEKO-TEX 100, you are sure that the product does not contain any hazardous substances and is, moreover, fireproof.

Want to add a lovely, organic cotton duvet cover?

A nice duvet cover is practical and decorative for the toddler bedroom! All our duvet cover sets are made of 100% organic cotton and are machine washable. Have a look at the soft colours and fun prints available here