Keep your child entertained for hours as they copy Mum or Dad cooking with one of our play kitchens. Read further to get some more tips and information on our toy kitchens.
  • cooking-toys-1

    Kids Play Kitchen | includes 7 accessories | White

  • pink-toy-kitchen

    Wooden Toy Kitchen | incl. 7 accessories | Soft Pink

  • grey-toy-kitchen

    Wooden Play Kitchen | incl. 7 accessories | Mint Grey

  • wooden-toy-kitchen-petite-amelie

    Wooden Toy Kitchen | La Parisienne | Natural

  • white-wooden-play-toy-dinner-set-petite-amelie-1

    Wooden Toy Dinner Cooking Set | 13-Piece | Off White

  • dusty-pink-wooden-play-toy-dinner-set-petite-amelie

    Toy Wooden Cooking, Cutlery and Crockery Set | Soft Pink

  • grey-wooden-play-toy-dinner-set-petite-amelie-1

    Wooden Toy Dinner Set | 13-Piece | Mint Grey

  • wooden_fruit_and_vegetable_toy_set_with_chopping_board_petite_amelie

    Wooden Fruit and Vegetable Set with chopping board | Wooden Toys

  • wooden-toy-ice-cream-set-toddler-petite-amelie

    Toddlers Wooden Ice cream Toy Set (Includes Holder)

  • toy-ice-cream-stand-set-wood-petite-amelie

    Ice cream stand | pastel colours

  • mini-wooden-toy-play-kitchen-with-accessories-petite-amelie-1

    Mini Wooden Toy Kitchen | «Ma Première Cuisine»


Petite Amélie’s toy kitchen is guaranteed to capture your child’s imagination as they play and learn simultaneously. Play kitchens are wonderful roleplay toys, opening a world of creative and imaginative fun as your child can imitate Mum or Dad as a little chef.

Toy kitchens are either made from plastic or wood and generally the wooden toy kitchen is a more popular choice as its more sustainable.  Having a wooden kitchen will also ensure that you can keep it in the family for the next generation. We have a floor standing kitchen as well as a wee little table top play kitchen. Your little one will love the realistic clicking knobs on the cooker, utensils to stir the pots and whip up a freshly baked loaf in the oven. Finish off the cooking by washing all those dirty dishes in the sink by using the movable taps and waterspout.

Pack all the dishes neatly into the kitchen on the shelves inside. Ready for the next day when it all begins again!

The Pink Kitchen

Petite Amélie has a beautifully toned pastel pink kitchen which is by far our most popular toy kitchen. Our pink kitchen is accessorised with pink and natural wood utensils. The handles and faucet on our pink kitchen is metallic gold to add a realistic look. Our pink kitchen also has a little white basin, a pink utensils shelf to hold a few items as well as a window on the oven door to keep an eye on all those freshly baked goods. We also offer a pink and natural wood crockery set which perfectly matches the kitchen beautifully and can be bought in addition to the kitchen.

A childrens kitchen will allow the imagination to run wild

These interactive and educational childrens kitchens will foster a love of cooking. Little chefs are made in the kitchen, why not give them the best chance with their very own childrens kitchen.  The heights of the play kitchen is perfect for your little one to reach all the tools needed for a delicious meal.


 Benefits of having a childrens wooden kitchen:

✔️ Kids have fun while learning

✔️ Children develop valuable life skills

✔️ Kids can spark a passion for food and cooking

✔️ Roleplay and pretend play is great for the imagination

Childrens wooden kitchens come with many benefits and they are just plain fun to have, especially when you can accessorise them in anyway they want. There are many wooden food toys or cooking accessories which can be bought to supplement your play kitchen. You can refresh the kitchen accessories to give your toy kitchen a new look. Have a look at our wooden toy vegetable set.

A play kitchen is great for a child’s development, their dexterity, and their imagination. When choosing a toy kitchen, make sure the doors open, taps move, knobs make a realistic clicking sound, these are the things that keep your child entertained for hours.

Kids kitchen play set

When it comes to choosing your kids kitchen play set, we have a few options for you to choose from:

  • Pink Toy Kitchen with gold handles and spout
  • Mint Grey Kitchen with silver handles and spout
  • White toy kitchen with gold handles and spout
  • Natural Wooden kitchen with separate shelf for the wall

And to conclude, here are the most frequently asked questions:

1. How easy are the play kitchens to assemble?

They are very easy to assemble, you need a screwdriver, the manual which we provide and an extra pair of hands would be great to help hold the panels while you screw them together.

2. How can you clean the kitchens?

As our kitchens are made from treated wood, we don’t suggest any chemicals to be used, a damp cloth is best to wipe down any marks.

3. Why do you suggest ages 3 and up for the play kitchens?

Children from 3 years of age have a better understanding of how to play and use the kitchen normally, for example, they wouldn’t necessarily pull on the taps or put pressure on the doors when pulling them open, they would naturally know at this age how to use the different parts of the kitchen.