Dolls accessories

Children love to mimic the goings on amongst adults and in the world around them. There’s no better way for your child to do this than by playing with a baby doll and mimicking how you take care of them! It can be highly amusing watching your baby busily taking care of their own baby, and seeing your daily routine through their eyes. Your little one might benefit from a few additional accessories to really get their imagination going, such as a dolls high chair or bed. Read on to discover our complete range of dolls accessories.

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White doll chair from Petite Amélie

Wooden Dolls Highchair «Colombe» | White

doll high chair from Petite Amélie

Wooden Dolls Highchair «Colombe» | Pink

Dollbed in white from Petite Amelie

Wooden Dolls Bed «Colombe» | White

Doll bed Colombe pink from Petite Amélie

Wooden Dolls Bed «Colombe» | Pink

Natural wood doll stroller by Petite Amélie | "La Parisienne"

Wooden dolls pram | Natural | La Parisienne

Special Price 27,97 Regular Price 39,95
Baby doll accessories for kids from Petite Amélie

Organic cotton bedding for doll bed «Colombe» | soft pink

Baby doll accessories from Petite Amélie


grey bed sheets for colombe doll bed from Petite Amélie

Organic muslin cotton bedding for doll bed «Colombe» | Grey

Baby doll accessories from organic cotton from Petite Amélie

Doll bedding «Colombe» | white

doll high chair from Petite Amélie

Wooden Dolls Highchair «Colombe» | Soft Grey


Dolls accessories: the essentials

If your little one enjoys playing with their baby doll, treat them to some dolls accessories. Watch them develop their play, acting out scenarios using their dolls accessories. Essential dolls accessories? A dolls bed and a dolls high chair. As your child grows, add in other dolls accessories like clothing. It’s important that their dolls accessories are age-appropriate and don’t have any loose parts or sharp edges. Keep a close eye on your little one when playing with a new toy, including dolls accessories. With so many different dolls accessories to choose from, mix and match or choose a complete set of matching dolls accessories. Your little one will love our soft cotton bedding for their dolls bed, browse our range of dolls accessories.

A doll high chair, the perfect learning tool

More than just a doll high chair, accessories like these are the perfect tools for teaching your little one about mealtimes and daily routine. Some children can be a little reluctant to spend time in their highchair, not wanting to remain at the table for long, or preferring to sit on a dining chair like their older siblings when they are still too young. Having their very own doll high chair may encourage them to participate in the routine of mealtimes and enjoy spending time with family at the dinner table. You can also use a doll high chair to teach older children about laying the table for their baby with crockery, or act out scenarios such as getting ready for the day and breakfast time or the evening routine. Available in delicate shades of pink or grey, our doll high chair is the perfect size for your little one’s favourite doll or teddy. The solid construction of our doll high chair makes for a fun, solid design that’s compliant with European safety standards. Our wooden doll high chair Colombe forms part of a matching set with our Colombe dolls bed, available in the same soft shades of pink and grey. Our doll high chair also forms part of the Petite Amélie Minis collection, featuring our miniature toy kitchen and dressing table.

Our range of dolls accessories includes:

  • Dolls bed
  • Dolls bedding
  • Dolls highchair

1.What age do children enjoy playing with dolls?

A Children of all ages enjoy playing with dolls, from as young as 1 right up until they are a pre-teen. Older children may hang on to a favourite doll from childhood as a special keepsake, though there are also many more realistic styles of doll available for older children. Toddlers especially love tending to their baby dolls, proudly distinguishing themselves as a big boy or girl looking after the tiny baby.

2.What do children learn through playing with dolls?

Children learn so much about the world around them through mimicking and role play. Most importantly, playing with dolls helps them learn to show kindness towards others, think giving their baby doll a blanket because they’re cold, or some milk because they’re hungry.

3.What baby doll accessories do I need?

Younger children will love carrying around their baby doll and perhaps tucking them into bed besides them at night. Help them learn by providing them with baby doll accessories such as a dolls bed and wooden doll high chair and watch their imagination grow. Baby doll accessories can be used to help teach your little one about the world around them. Children of all ages will enjoy seeing elements of their daily routine when playing with their baby doll accessories. A dolls bed is perfect for teaching your little one all about bedtimes, while a wooden doll high chair can be used for demonstrating good behaviour at meal times. Some parents find a dolls bed to be especially useful when the time comes for transitioning from a cot to a toddler bed, just like their doll! Find the perfect baby doll accessories for your little one at Petite Amélie.