Develop your child's imagination with timeless toys

Develop your child's imagination with timeless toys

Our little ones' imaginations are secret gardens where each play plants the seeds of future discoveries. Far from being mere pastimes, toys are true springboards for their cognitive, emotional, and creative development.

For babies (0-24 months): First laughs and awakenings

  • Shape sorter: A timeless toy, it is an essential ally for recognizing shapes and colours, thus developing dexterity and logic.
  • Balance bikes, ride-ons, and tricycles: With their enchanting simplicity, they pave the way for fine motor skills and understanding cause and effect.
  • Rocking animals: True icons of children's rooms, they invite moments of pure joy, oscillating between movement and imagination.

Lara the rocking unicorn at @x_sarah_de_mesmaeker_x

From 2-3 years old: The challenge of discovery

  • Play tents: A universe of fantasy to explore, they are the stage for endless adventures, where children can let their imaginations run wild.
  • Stick horse: A symbol of freedom and exploration, it invites children to gallop towards imaginary horizons, armed with nothing but their boundless creativity and desire for adventure.
  • Climbing toys: A stimulating playground for developing their strength, agility, and balance.

Canva teepee in beige| Available in 3 colours

From 3 to about 6 years old: Between construction and reflection

  • Dollhouses: They open the door to richly imaginative stories, thus stimulating problem-solving and creativity.
  • Wooden toy kitchens: A space to imitate and innovate, a world where your child can replicate the actions of adults while adding a personal touch.
  • Garages and vehicles: Their vast universe is a catalyst for adventures, promoting spatial understanding and precision of movement.
  • Workbench and tools for kids: The dream workshop for little builders, it encourages logic and coordination.

Our wooden workbench @kateshome_