Wooden Rocking Horse: A Nursery Room Classic

A classic wooden rocking horse is a must-have item in the nursery room. With our handmade wooden rocking horses, your toddler will gallop . It is ideal as a baby shower or first birthday gift. Complete the baby room with a rocking horse: order on a working day before 7 p.m. and your order will be dispatched the same day!

  • Natural Wooden Rocking Horse

    Wooden Rocking Horse | Natural


A fun ride on the rocking horse

Do you find your little one wanting to move around alot? This toy is fun and adorable as an accessory in the baby room alone. The feeling that you get with it? A bit of nostalgia, memories of the past, pleasant thoughts about when you were little. You could entertain yourself for hours rocking on such a horse that in your mind was of course a real horse! And that movement ... so enjoyable. 

Joy for little ones

For a timeless toy for your little one, a beautiful, classic wooden rocking horse can be a great gift. This accessory is definitely an eye catcher in a classic or modern children's room. If you are going to buy a rocking horse then you will undoubtedly see that your child will enjoy rocking on their wooden horse. They are not only a great children's room accessories, but most little ones also have a lot of fun with this toy. Of course you will have to keep an eye on your child when he or she is using it.

Cradling to sleep

It is possible that while your child is rocking back and forth very quietly, already a little sleepy, rocks him or herself to sleep on the rocking horse. It's adorable to see such a sleepy toddler who is having fun on the rocking horse and then just falls asleep! It's also very pleasant if you have a job to do where you want to keep an eye on things, but still have your hands free with your child on the rocking horse. Ironing, for example, or doing the dishes while your little one is slowly drifting away to dreamland!

Nursery room accessory

Our wooden rocking horses are true classics. Just like the rest of our wooden toys, they are hand-crafted from solid beech wood, as rocking horses are supposed to be. The mane made of 100% cotton give it a unique look! Really an eye-catcher in the nursery room. Thanks to the side supports, even the smallest children can swing safely without falling off the rocking horse.

Educational toys

A rocking horse looks wonderful in the nursery, and it also has a purpose as an educational toy. On a rocking horse, your child will learn how to find and maintain balance. With a rocking horse your child can completely immersed in his or her own world and experiences the most fantastic adventure. With a natural-looking rocking horse made of wood, this will be soon be one of your child's favourite toys!

Sustainable gift

The wood with which our rocking horses are made comes from European forests that are responsibly managed (PEFC certified). Do you want a truly sustainable and environmentally-friendly product to give as a gift? Then choose the rocking horse made from untreated wood. Do you want a more decorative rocking horse? Then you can opt for the white-painted version, painted with paint that is 100% safe. You can also choose to order nice and beautiful matching children's lamps to complete the children's room. A wooden rocking horse is a sweet, timeless and durable gift to give at the birth of your friend's child or for the first birthday of your little nephew or niece. Fun guaranteed!

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