Complete nursery furniture sets for your baby

With a baby on the way, it’s never too early to start designing the nursery of your dreams. From choosing from our range of nursery furniture sets to adding in the finishing touches, Petite Amélie has everything you’ll need for designing the perfect nursery for your little one.Our range of children’s toys and furnishings have been designed with care using sustainable materials. Our pieces will be treasured by your family for years to come, passed down between loved ones.
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Babyroom made from melamine wood 2 part set in naturel from Petite Amélie


1099,95 Regular Price 1149,90
Babyroom made from melamine wood 3 part set in naturel from Petite Amélie


1699,95 Regular Price 1899,85

Generally, nursery furniture sets tend to include anywhere between 2 and 5 items

This means you can choose furniture to suit the layout of your room, whether this is your first child and you are starting from scratch, or you’re centring your design around big brother or sister’s much loved hand-me-downs.OPTIONS TO KEEP IN MIND:- Co-sleeper- Crib- Cot bed that can convert to a toddler bed- Baby changing unit- Baby changing unit with changing table topper- Kids wardrobe- Under bed storage

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First things first, you’ll need to decide between a moses basket, crib or toddler bed size cot

These can be purchased individually or as part of one of our nursery furniture sets.Why not try a convertible cot bed? With a toddler bed size mattress suitable for use from birth, a convertible cot bed gives you the possibility of raising and lowering the base and sides of the crib to suit the changing needs of your baby as they grow. This solution offers the most longevity. Children grow and develop at different rates, but you should get several years of use out of your toddler bed size mattress. You will know when the time is right to switch from a toddler bed size mattress to a single bed. As your child grows, their needs may change in terms of bedding too, from being swaddled in a muslin summer blanket to their first toddler bed size duvet and pillow set.

Next, you need to choose between a nursery wardrobe and a chest of drawers, or maybe you’ll opt to include both when designing your dream nursery, depending on how much storage you’ll need

While a nursery wardrobe may seem like the obvious choice, many mums opt for the convenience of a chest of drawers in the early days, when a majority of your baby’s clothes are still too small for regular hangers! Nevertheless, a nursery wardrobe can provide much needed storage and will look great in any room, especially when paired with matching items of furniture from our nursery furniture sets.

The last essential you’ll need is a baby changing table

One bonus of choosing to include a chest of drawers from our nursery furniture sets is that you can opt for a chest of drawers that doubles up as a baby changing table, saving you space. A baby changing table is considered an essential in the newborn stage and beyond, making things a little easier for new parents. You can purchase a baby changing table individually or as part of one of our matching nursery furniture sets. You might also want to consider a cot top baby changing table. Designed to slot directly on top of your cot, these provide parents who are short of space with a sturdy surface for changing their baby and make a great substitute for a baby changing table. Have you found the perfect baby changing table for your nursery? Once you’ve found a spot for each of these three essentials, somewhere to sleep, a baby changing table and some storage space, take some time to consider any other items you’d like to include in your nursery.Do you need a nursery book shelf or some wall decor?

You can browse our website and nursery furniture sets for ideas, a nightlight for this wall, a storage basket over there!

Once you’ve got all of these finishing touches in place, it’s time to relax before your new baby arrives. Soon you’ll have your very own bundle of joy sleeping soundly in their crib, or getting ready for bed after their bath on their baby changing table. Designed to keep your little one safe and sound, our timeless designs are made from premium materials that are hygienic, washable and highly breathable. Choose furniture from Petite Amélie for peace of mind and pieces that last.


Most often sold in two or three piece sets, basic nursery furniture includes a crib or cot along with a wardrobe or chest of drawers. These are the essentials, but you can add in anything else you like, from a baby changing table to a rocking chair or footstool, as well as any extra storage you may need.


It’s never too early to start designing the perfect nursery for your little one. Make those ideas a reality with everything you need for the new arrival. Getting everything in place early in your pregnancy means you can sit back and relax later on. Maybe you’re already a parent and are simply searching for the perfect pieces to revamp an existing nursery?


Lovingly crafted from sustainable materials, Petite Amélie’s range of nursery furniture sets and accessories are built to last. The items you choose now for your little one’s nursery will become treasured keepsakes for the years to come, handed down over generations.