Why a wooden walker is perfect for your toddler’s development

Why a wooden walker is perfect for your toddler’s development

Is your little one ready to explore the world? With those first steps behind them, now is the perfect time to introduce a wooden baby walker. This walker not only supports motor development but also encourages independence and respects your child’s unique pace.

Our adventurous toddlers are always on the lookout for new horizons to discover. A wooden balance bike or walker is a fantastic companion on this journey, allowing them to explore their surroundings playfully. Their curiosity is sparked, and they learn to skilfully navigate every corner of their world.

A real help with learning to walk

The balance bike isn’t there to teach your little one to walk, but to encourage and ensure safety during their movements. Walking is not taught but acquired, and each child has their own pace. It’s crucial to respect this. Your child will learn to walk independently, with the walker as their partner. This promotes free movement as your child can push and stop the bike themselves, helping them find their balance and become more adept.

“A child is not a vase to be filled, but a source to be freed.”

- Maria Montessori


When will my child start walking?

The journey to walking begins around 6 months of age, typically when your baby starts rolling over independently. This milestone is unique and essential for each child. Walking development varies greatly among children. On average, children start walking between 11 and 18 months. However, these are just statistical averages. It's perfectly fine if your child starts walking earlier or later. Children's development is not linear, meaning that two children of the same age may have developed different skills. It's important that your child doesn't feel pressured and learns this crucial skill in their own time. Rest assured, your child will walk when they are ready!

When is your child ready for a baby walker?

Introducing a walker comes at a specific moment in a child’s development. Before making this choice, it’s important that your child has reached certain developmental milestones, such as being able to balance their body, stand independently, and confidently take a few steps. Every child reaches these steps at their own pace. It’s essential to be patient and offer the walker only when your child is physically and mentally ready, often around 11 to 18 months, in line with general walking development.

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