Image: House bed MAiSON 90 x 200 CM, natural solid wood with mattres
Good news: Our kids house bed is back! Due to popular demand, we have reissued our kids cabin bed. This updated children's bed is now available again in our online shop! The Petite Amélie kids house bed is a comfortable bed designed with an eye for design. Ideal for design enthusiasts looking to escape from more traditional children's bed designs.

Thanks to its simplicity in design, this house bed has a significant impact on the overall look and styling of the child's room. Being low to the ground, it provides easy access for your little one. Learn more about it in this article and in our webshop!


The "Maison" house bed is a comfortable children's bed with pleasant dimensions, suitable for children aged approximately 2 to 9 years old. The mattress does not rest directly on the floor but on an integrated slatted base within the bed. Use a mattress of the same size (160x80cm) with a thickness of 15 or 20 cm for optimal comfort. The bed is also available in 200x90cm in the same colour. Please note: In our online store, we sell the "Maison" house bed with and without a mattress.


The bed is low to the ground to prevent your child from falling out of bed at night. If your child is very active at night, a universal bed guardrail is an option. You simply insert it under the mattress. Another option is to place a roll cushion or foam pool noodle under the fitted sheet. This may sound unusual, but it really works! The bed is wide enough to read a bedtime story together. But this bed is much more than that; the child is completely free to independently access their house bed, which becomes a true cocoon, a play hut with free access to dreamland.

Image: junior house bed MAISON 80 x 160 cm


This children's bed with its sleek and minimalist design easily fits into a modern, minimalist Scandinavian style. The bed is available in natural wood, depending on the decor of the child's room. Dress it up with a garland of lanterns or flags, romantic flowers, a cute reading lamp, stylish bedding, and cozy cushions.

Or consider using a canopy to create a little tent. Your child will feel safe; it will be like a mini-house where they can read, play, and, of course, sleep comfortably. You might even come up with even more fun styling ideas together. Let your imagination run wild!


The Advantages of a Montessori Bed:

  1. Independence and Confidence: A Montessori bed is low to the ground, providing your toddler with the freedom to get in and out of bed independently. This promotes the development of independence and self-confidence.
  2. Safety: Due to its low height, there is less risk of injuries if your child falls out of bed, providing peace of mind for parents.
  3. Adaptation to the Environment: Montessori furniture is designed to fit into the child's world. It encourages the child to participate in their environment and teaches them the importance of order and independence.
  4. Longevity: Montessori beds are often designed to grow with the child. They can be adjusted for different ages and developmental stages, making them a sustainable investment.

The Advantages of a Bed with an Underbed Drawer:

  1. Extra Storage Space: A bed with an underbed drawer provides additional storage space, convenient for storing bedding, toys, and other items. This can help keep the child's room tidy.
  2. Easy Mobility: The underbed drawer is equipped with four wheels, making it easy to move. This facilitates access to stored items, even for little hands.
  3. Organization: Storing items under the bed helps organize the child's room and keeps toys and clothing within easy reach.
  4. Easy to Open: Thanks to the two convenient cutouts at the front of the drawer, it is easy to open. Even young children can easily open and close the drawer, contributing to their sense of independence.

under bed drawer for house bed 80x160cm en Under bed drawer for house bed 90x200cm

How to Choose the Best Option for Your Child?

When choosing between a Montessori bed and a bed with an underbed drawer, it is important to consider your child's needs and your own preferences. Here are some considerations:

  • Child's Age: If your child is younger and cannot yet get in and out of bed independently, a Montessori bed may be a good choice. If your child is older and needs extra storage space, a bed with an underbed drawer may be more practical.
  • Space in the Child's Room: If the child's room has limited space, a bed with an underbed drawer can help make efficient use of the space. If there is ample space, you can choose based on aesthetics and style.
  • Future Needs: Consider your child's long-term needs. If you expect your child to use the bed for many years, a Montessori bed that grows with them can be a good investment.

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