..On a sunny day in April, little Amélie and her mother visited a flea market just below her hometown of Lyon, France. At one point she saw a beautiful pram with classic round shapes and large wheels with spokes in a stall. She was overjoyed when she received the trolley as a gift from her mother which she used as a pram for her collection of dolls.

Many years later, the antique pram from her childhood remains a beautiful memory... but that wasn't all. A fantastic idea occurred to her. .. How beautiful would it be to revive the authentic style she knew from her childhood for the modern nursery room with a crib inspired by that one beautiful pram?

..Amélie went to work immediately. With great care, she chose the right types of wood and in her father's studio the first self-designed cradle with the name "Petite Wagon" was soon realized. Full of inspiration, she subsequently designed a cradle collection with the authentic style. All of them beautiful furniture pieces inspired by the brocante style that she knew from her childhood.

Vintage authentic pram