Smart storage solutions for busy parents – transform your nursery or kid’s bedroom

Smart storage solutions for busy parents – transform your nursery or kid’s bedroom

Calling all busy parents! You’ve settled into life with your little one, and their carefully designed nursery is now a sea of adorable clothes, shoes, and accessories, from newborn onesies to their first pair of shoes. Time for some much-needed kids' storage! It’s easy to keep your nursery organised when all you have to worry about are a handful of babygrows and a few cuddly toys. But by the time your little one reaches their first birthday, you’ll have realised that children can amass a surprising amount of possessions – in a remarkably short space of time. Continue reading to discover our tips on kids' storage, from nursery storage ideas and kids' bedroom storage ideas to kids' toy storage ideas.

With clothing in every size and shoes for every occasion, your little one’s wardrobe will soon fill up, not forgetting kid’s storage for books, toys, any spare bedding or blankets, as well as larger items such as baby walkers, toddler chairs, dressing tables and dolls’ houses taking up space. These trinkets and treasures, not forgetting their sweet homemade creations, help make your house a home. Even if you do manage to keep on top of your annual spring clean, without smart storage solutions you’ll be back at square one by the time your child’s next birthday rolls around. 

Kid’s storage these days goes far beyond a colossal wardrobe and standard ‘adult-sized’ bookshelves:

  • Wardrobes for babies, toddlers and older children, designed at the right height for your little one
  • Wall shelves, kid's bookcases and storage hooks that are accessible for your little one and even our versatile dolls house/kids bookcase combo.
  • Drawers as part of a wardrobe or chest of drawers, a bedside table or even under-bed storage drawers.
  • Storage baskets in all shapes and sizes, not to mention our pull-along wooden toy box on wheels that doubles up as a toy for your little one.

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So, how do you store kid’s toys in a small bedroom? Our best kid’s bedroom storage ideas

When it comes to kid’s bedroom or nursery storage ideas, it all depends on the space you’ve got to work with. You need to find smart storage solutions to maximise your space. We recommend starting at the top of the room and working your way down. By this, we mean considering whether you can utilise wall space by adding any wall shelves or wall hooks. These can be great for displaying treasured possessions and hanging up anything from coats and dressing gowns to fancy dress items or even their latest art creation. Don’t forget the back of the door, which can be a good spot to fit a few extra hooks. These can be positioned at the right height for your child, encouraging them to hang things up by themselves.

You might want to add a smaller shelf next to your little one’s bed in place of a bedside table to save on floor space or try popping a storage basket on top of their wardrobe. You can usually fit a couple of these storage baskets inside your child’s wardrobe too, given that their smaller clothing is unlikely to fill the entire length of the hanging space.

Coming down to floor level, opt for a matching set of storage baskets and pop a couple more around their room. As every parent knows, you can never have too many storage baskets! Lastly, consider choosing multipurpose items that have dual functions to really maximise your space (find out more in the next paragraph…), and don’t forget to make the most of the area under your little one’s bed or cot with our specially designed under-bed storage drawers.

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Based on these tips, what are the best storage units for a nursery or kid’s bedroom?

Parents of younger babies will love our versatile changing table toppers that can be paired with both our chests of drawers and cots. This saves parents from investing in a standard-sized changing unit which takes up more space. Alternatively, our streamlined changing table Brise offers a space-saving alternative to some of the larger units. Some toys also double up as clever storage solutions, from our pull-along wooden toy box on wheels to our clever doll’s house/kids bookcase combo. Choosing versatile toys like these means they can grow with your child, being repurposed as a handy bookcase for kids or storage container once your child grows out of the pull-along or dollhouse element.

Our multi-functional dollhouse / book shelf 

These multifunctional choices also offer the added benefit of real longevity, growing with your child through the various ages and stages. Older children will love carefully displaying their prized possessions and finding places to hide things out of reach of curious younger siblings. Petite Amélie’s use of durable and sustainable materials you can trust means that our furnishings will stand the test of time before they're ready to be passed on for another little one to enjoy. 

On a final note, how can you keep your kid’s bedroom/nursery organised?

Once you’ve found the perfect set-up, it’s time to start thinking about how to keep things organised. Besides a weekly reset, five minutes of daily tidying can work wonders and make your life easier. The principles of Montessori revolve around empowering children to be independent, and our range of furniture is designed to enable your little ones to care for their own space. Simple rituals, such as putting their books back on their bookcase for kids once they’ve finished reading or smoothing out the covers on their own bed can help form habits that last a lifetime, so you can enjoy your home together.