New «Cocoon» Collection: Our Round Beds for Babies and Children

New «Cocoon» Collection: Our Round Beds for Babies and Children

Petite Amélie has introduced a new trend that takes cosiness to the next level: our «Cocoon» collection of round baby beds! Here's a look at the highlights of our collection and why this round bed will give your child's room a unique touch.

A Round Child's Bed Like No Other

Meet our oval bed that stands out from the rest, designed with a keen eye for detail to ensure your child's comfort and safety. A distinctive feature of this bed is its base with six strategically placed holes for the baby bed version. These allow air to circulate between the mattress and the base, crucial for ensuring a comfortable and safe sleep for your baby. Moreover, the rounded corners of these beds aren't just aesthetically pleasing; they reflect a special production technique used to bend the wood and achieve the bed's characteristic round shape. Every aspect of this bed has been thoughtfully considered to provide your baby with an exceptional sleeping space.

TODDLER BED «COCOON» | 70 X 140 CM | WALNUT Petite Amélie

A Round-Edged Baby Bed or a Traditional Child's Bed?

The key difference between a rectangular bed and a round-edged bed lies in the uniqueness of the design. The less common model adds a trendy style to the room and can fit into any theme or decor. When it comes to sleeping space, there's no significant difference between the two types of beds. With its rounded corners, your child will have just as much room in this bed as in a traditional rectangular one. You can use the same size bedding for the round-edged bed as for a classic child's bed.

Why Creating a Baby Cocoon Can Enhance Your Child's Sleep?

  1. Maternal comfort sensation: The cocoon often mimics the feeling of being in the womb, offering a sense of security and maternal comfort.
  2. Better sleep: A comfortable and reassuring space can help children fall asleep more easily and sleep longer, which is crucial for their physical and mental development.
  3. Reduced stress: Cocoon-like spaces can help reduce children's stress. This can be particularly beneficial during the transition from a crib to a child's bed.

TODDLER BED «COCOON» | 70 X 140 CM | WALNUT by Petite Amélie

The Benefits of Our COCOON Round Beds:

  • Unique Design: The "Cocoon" oval bed stands out with its elegant and timeless round design.
  • Quality Finish: The "Cocoon" bed features a high-quality water-based finish.
  • Solid Wood Construction: Made from high-quality solid wood, this oval bed ensures your child's safety.
  • Rounded Edges: The beds also have rounded edges to keep in theme with cocooning. Plus, this makes it much safer for your child.
  • Elevated Bed: With the bed being elevated, air can circulate underneath the mattress and bed base. Good ventilation promotes the longevity of your mattress and bedding.


The Cocoon oval cot bed collection from Petite Amélie embodies elegance, comfort, and safety for your children. Discover this exceptional collection and give your child a better start in life surrounded by comfort and love.