The safety of your child in the cradle is paramount. That is why all Petite Amélie cradles have successfully subjected to a strict test for the European and British Standard EN: 1130, 2001 safety certificate During the safety tests of the cradle, a detailed look is taken at, among other things, the material and painting of the cradle, the stability and construction, the marking and packaging. Did you know that a cradle is tested on the basis of a checklist with more than 75 checkpoints? ..With the EN1130 safety certificate you are always assured of a safe product to which you can trust your child - the most precious possession in the whole world - with confidence. For those who really want to know more, here is a summary of the most important points from the EN: 1130 test protocol for cradles.

With regard to the material of the crib, the following factors are taken into account: Wooden materials must be clean and free of harmful chemicals and toxic substances such as insecticides that are used to protect the wood. All metal parts of the cradle are treated so that no rust can occur.

The overall construction of the cradle must meet, among other things, the following conditions that relate to robustness and stability:
  • No protruding points or tubes.
  • All edges must be flattened and there must of course be no risk of splintering.
  • All screws in the cradle must be neatly finished in holes that are neither too large nor too deep.
  • When exposed to forces, the construction of the cradle must certainly not come loose or deform.

Rocking cradles are tested for lateral forces to ensure that it cannot fall over when, for example, a brother or sister pulls on the baby's cradle.

Not only the cradle itself, but its packaging is checked very strictly. A clear manual for assembly of the cradle and warning with regard to packaging hazards are essential.

The manual must be clear with graphic instructions and of course written in the language of the country where the crib is sold. Incidentally, Petite Amélie in the design of the cribs in view of user-friendliness. Fitting a crib is very simple and is done in 5 minutes. Conclusion: If you want to be 100% sure that you get a safe product for your child, look for products that have the EN-1130: 2001 safety certificate especially for cribs.

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