The baby room is completely ready, the baby clothes washed and ironed and now it is waiting for your little sprout to announce itself. You can't wait! And you read your drowsiness about giving birth, breastfeeding and…. co-sleeping. The more you read and hear about this, the more you doubt about purchasing a co-sleeper. Do you still want to purchase such a pull-out bed?

The ideas about how best to put a baby to sleep have changed a lot in recent decades. Our mothers received a different advice than us. But times change; our houses are different now, our daily activities differ and our ideas about how to raise children no longer have much to do with the insights of 40 years ago. But just like in the old days, all mothers want the best for their baby. And you want the most comfortable for yourself. Because whether you go for a completely separate baby room or a bay room with a crib and extra co-sleeper, it is all about you and your baby feeling good and being able to sleep well.


The mothers who preceded you find the great advantages of a co-sleeper that you have a better night's sleep, that it is safer than taking your baby to bed with you and that it is much more practical when you are breastfeeding. But all these benefits are very personal and also depend on how your baby is. Some babies sleep better in their own room and even for yourself a trundle bed may not be the best solution. If you sleep lightly, for example, and you wake up from the smallest breath, it is quieter for yourself not to have the baby right next to you.


A bedside sleeper crib is a bed that you put against your bed and is open on one side so that you can take your baby with you. The 4-in-1 model from Petite Amélie is an example of a model that is permanently open on one side and is attached to the casing of the parental bed with a special hook. The 55 cm wide mattress 'protrudes on one side' so that there is no space between your bed and the bedside sleeper. There are also 'freestanding' pull-up beds that have bars on four sides and can therefore stand apart from your bed. With this type of bedside sleeper there is a gate that you can easily open and close with one hand. This design is very suitable for parents who have a box spring bed without a casing. This freestanding bedside sleeper also has a little more height. Take a look at our models of pull-up beds Lilly (white) or Alain (gray). It is of course also wonderful to have your little one next to you, if only for a few months. Enjoy your baby so close to you!

Multi-Functional Bedside Sleeper Crib «Nuage» | White


Mattress for the Nuage Sleeper Crib 90x55 with extender


Bedside Sleeper Crib «Alain» | 90x40cm | Grey


Cradle Mattress Premium Cold Foam 90X40


Crib Mattress Protector 90x55 - Premium Quality


Cradle Mattress Protector 90x40 | Comfort

Regular Price: 9.95


90x40cm Woodlands Cot Fitted Sheet «Automne» | White


Fitted Sheet «Champêtre» 40x90cm | Blue

Regular Price: 11.90


Fitted Sheet for cot «Lune» 40x90cm | Grey


Fitted Sheet «Forêt» 40x90cm | Light Grey


Fitted Sheet «Automne» 55x90cm | White


Fitted Sheet «Champêtre» 55x90cm | Blue


Fitted Sheet «Lune» 55x90cm | Grey


Fitted Sheet «Forêt» 55x90cm | Light Grey


Fitted Sheet «Sureau» 55x90cm | Soft Pink


Organic Cotton Fitted Crib Sheet | 90x40cm - Off-White


ORGANIC COTTON Fitted Crib Sheet | 90x40cm | Light Taupe


Organic Cotton Fitted Crib Sheet | 90x55cm - Off White


Organic Cotton Fitted Crib Sheet - 90x55cm | Light Taupe