11 Creative tips to motivate your kids to tidy up and clean

11 Creative tips to motivate your kids to tidy up and clean

Keeping a tidy house with little explorers on board can be a challenge. But imagine turning this chore into a moment of shared joy with your kids. We asked the mums at Petite Amélie for their secrets, and here are 11 creative tips to encourage children to tidy and clean their living space, fostering a love for order and cleanliness.

1. Establish a routine

Success in tidying lies in consistency. For older children, set a dedicated day, such as "Wednesday is tidy-up day!" For younger ones, make tidying a ritual before an important daily event, like bath time. Repeating these actions turns them into a natural routine.

2. Use storage baskets

Having dedicated kids storage baskets or boxes for each type of toy, such as one for cars, another for animals, etc., makes tidying more fun and simplifies the process, turning it into an enjoyable and more accessible activity.

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3. Learn and teach the place for everything

Teach your child to put their things in the right place: toys in their box, books on the shelf, clothes in their wardrobe, etc. It's a great way for them to learn how to organise their space.

4. The magic of timing

Make tidying fun by using an hourglass or timer. Set a challenge to put away as many items as possible before time runs out. Kids love challenges, and the sense of urgency encourages them to be active while having fun.

5. The tidy-up song

Invent or choose a rhythmic song dedicated to tidying. Singing a joyful tune while tidying can turn the task into an entertaining moment. "We tidy and we dance" might quickly become the favourite slogan at home.

6. Use pictures on boxes

For boxes with lids, stick pictures that illustrate their contents (cars, dolls, etc.). This way, even the youngest can easily identify where to put each toy after playing.

7. Sorting by colour or item

Introduce a game where each item must find its "home" of the same colour or same type. This activity encourages tidying and also helps develop colour and shape recognition skills in children.

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8. Cleaning tales

Create stories where the characters have to tidy and clean to save their kingdom or find a secret treasure. Incorporating household chores into a captivating quest makes the activity fascinating for younger kids.

9. Rewards and chore chart

Set up a chore chart decorated with stars or stickers. Completing a task earns a star. Accumulating a certain number of stars can earn the child a small reward or a special activity.

10. Tidy up as a family

Join in on the tidying. Children tend to mimic adult behaviour. Tidying together becomes an opportunity for sharing and teaching. Emphasize the importance of putting things away rather than leaving them scattered and lead by example by organising your own items. Encourage and reward good actions to promote their repetition.

11. The Tidy-up Wheel

Build a "wheel of fortune" for tidying, with various cleaning missions on it. Each day, spin it to find out what new tidying adventure awaits.

These simple and practical tips will help create an orderly and peaceful space where every family member, from the youngest to the oldest, contributes to collective harmony. Remember, dear mums, every little action is a step towards your children's independence and responsibility. Together, let's make tidying a moment of sharing and education!