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The first product ever made by Petite Amélie was the 'Coeur' baby crib. It all started with this one model. The inspiration for this it came from a classic crib spotted at a flea market in Lyon, France. Today we offer a variety of handmade baby cribs made of European beech wood, and they all come with an EN safety certificate. So, you can rest assured that your baby is safe in our cribs.

  • Baby Cradle Solid Wood from Petite Amélie

    Baby Cradle «Cherie» 90x40 | White

  • Cold Foam Mattress for Cradle or Bedside Sleeper from Petite Amélie

    Cradle Mattress Premium Cold Foam 90X40

  • Comfort Mattress Protector for Baby Cradle from Petite Amélie

    Cradle Mattress Protector 90x40 | Comfort

  • Baby Mobile in Grey Tones

    Baby Mobile for Cot and Cradle | Moonlight Grey

  • Baby Mobile for Crib and Cot Rose

    Baby Mobile for Crib and Cradle | Soft Rose

  • Baby Blanket Knitted Cotton Alice Grey from Petite Amélie

    Baby Blanket Knitted Cotton | 80x100 | Alice Grey

  • Roze wiegdeken | Katoen | Petite Amélie

    Baby Blanket Crocheted Cotton | 80 x 100 cm | Cameo Pink

  • Crocheted Baby Blanket Cotton in Steel Grey

    Baby Blanket Crocheted Cotton | 80 x 100 cm | Steel grey

  • Baby Blanket Crocheted Cotton in Sand Rose

    Baby Blanket Crocheted Cotton | 80x100 cm | Sand Rose

  • Baby Blanket Cotton in Ivory White from Petite Amélie

    Baby Blanket with Pom-Poms | 80x100 cm | Ivory White

  • Baby Blanket Crocheted Cotton in Ivory White from Petite Amélie

    Baby Blanket Crocheted Cotton | 80x100 | Ivory White


A baby cot from Petite Amélie gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing it's made of real wood, in Europe, in accordance with EU safety standards. So, you have that added reassurance that the baby is sleeping soundly and safely. Complete with matching accessories, such as a breathable baby mattress, mattress protector, and fitted sheet, your baby crib is the perfect haven for baby to develop a bedtime routine. Do you like cradles with that stylish classic look? Then consider buying crib netting or a cot canopy, not only for the regal look, but also for the added protection from insects. What's more, mosquito nets and dome canopies can double up as privacy screen for when parents need to go about their chores in the nursery without catching the baby's eye. Our cradles are shipped the same day on workdays, and they all come with a 1-year warranty. Would you rather have your little one sleep next to you? Then have a look at our bedside sleeper cot and bedside cribs. They're just as well-made, practical, and stylish.


A baby crib is a special purchase for all parents. It's the first place your little one sleeps soundly in, under your watchful gaze. So, it's not unusual for a parent to develop an emotional bond to it. Granted, a baby will outgrow it in a matter of months or years, but many parents would rather store it in the loft and keep it for future generations, rather than dispose of it. You yourself may already have a baby crib passed down from your parents or grandparents. If this is the case, then bear in mind that safety standards may have changed in the meantime.

Take the guesswork out of buying safe furniture for your baby room. Here is a handy list of pointers and requirements for baby cot safety.


  1. The baby crib must be firm, stable, and level. It must not tilt when you bump into it or when a little brother or sister pulls on it.

  2. Make sure your baby crib is at least 30cm deep, 45cm wide, and 80cm long. Petite Amélie cradles come in a standard size of 90cm x 40cm, offering slightly more space.

  3. The baby crib must have a good breathable bottom. A slatted base is preferable to an enclosed board, because it offers better ventilation.

  4. There should be no sharp edges, splinters, or hooks on the baby cradle. It's only logical. But it's worth double-checking, especially if your baby crib is made of rattan or wicker.

  5. Rocking cradles should come with a tether, stopper, or some other way to fix the rocking mechanism into place.

  6. If the baby crib comes with wheels, they must have a braking mechanism.

  7. Make sure that any upholstery in the baby crib is fastened securely and made of loose weave fabric for optimum ventilation. Do not use padded, cushioned coverings because they don't allow the air to flow through.

  8. A canopy gives a nursery a classic look. When choosing a canopy, bear in mind that fact that it must drape over the crib, not drape within it.

  9. The sides and ends of the baby crib must also be well-ventilated, but the distance between the rails must not exceed 6.5cm.

  10. Choose a sturdy baby mattress that fits the cradle perfectly, with no gaps between the sides of the crib and the mattress. It must also be firm to the touch and unlikely to sag.

  11. The baby cot or cradle should be free from loose cords, threads, or overhanging cables. The same goes for furniture and items in its vicinity.

  12. Don't use the crib for too long! As soon as a baby can roll over, sit down, or even stand up, they've outgrown the crib. The time has come for a baby bed, which usually measures 120cm x 60cm, or a growing-up bed 140cm x 70cm in size, which can later be converted into a toddler bed.

Setting up a baby crib: handy tips!

If you want to use a baby crib from the very first months of your child's life, it is important that you make up the crib properly. Bearing in mind that new-born babies should not be covered with blankets or hats when they sleep to minimize the risk of SIDS and overheating, older can be made to feel snug and warm with a few accessories.

Prepping a baby cot takes some careful planning. Here's a short list of essentials for setting up the crib:

  • Firm mattress
  • Breathable mattress protector
  • Fitted mattress underlay
  • Lower mattress sheet
  • Large absorbent pad or tarpaulin
  • Absorbent muslin or flannel swaddle
  • Top bed sheet
  • A blanket or two, depending on room temperature/climate

As you can see, several layers of accessories come into play when stocking up for a baby crib. And prepping the bed for the baby is another matter. You do this as follows:

  1. Place the first breathable mattress protector over the entire mattress
  2. Smooth the fitted mattress underlay over the mattress protector
  3. Place the tarpaulin over the lower sheet in line with the baby's bum, so that the top end of the mattress stays well-ventilated, especially at face level
  4. Then cover the tarpaulin again with an absorbent muslin or flannel swaddle
  5. Put a hydrophilic muslin at the top of the cot to prevent reflux spills and staining
  6. Spread the sheet down
  7. Place the blanket(s) on the crib about 20 cm from the top of the sheet, which you can then fold over the blankets
  8. If the bedding sticks out, fold it under the mattress

The baby crib is now made up. The next step is to safely place your baby in the baby crib for a good night's rest.


Once you've made up the crib, it is important that you let your child sleep and move safely. Two important pointers are:

  • Make sure your child can touch the foot end of the cot
  • Make sure that the folded sheet and/or blanket goes no higher than shoulder level

These basic precautions are in place so that your child never slips under the bedding, which can obstruct their breathing.

Widely accepted advice claims it's best to only use light sheets and blankets for the first two years, rather than duvets and throws. Doing so will help the child maintain an optimum body temperature and prevent accidents from happening if they wiggle their way under the bedding. While we're on the topic of baby furniture, would you be interested in a baby mattress or a bedside sleeper for the baby room? At Petite Amélie, you can design your own dream nursery room, and with a range of products to choose from completing the nursery decoration is made easier.


To get a better look at our products and service, you can view our customer reviews here. We have an overall rating of 8.9/10 in customer satisfaction. If you still have questions, you're welcome to contact us anytime. We are more than happy to assist you with ideas for the design of the baby room, and we're eager to offer practical tips for preparing a baby cradle or a rocking cradle. Our employees have young children themselves, and so they speak from experience and from the heart.