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Wall Decoration for the Baby Room: Colourful and Playful Designs!

Want to cheer up the baby room with a colourful wooden wall decoration that gives the room more warmth? Fantasy, fairy-tale, sweet and fun art prints and posters add a lovely theme to the room. At Petite Amélie, you will certainly find an art piece or design element that will bring you and your little one joy, and that decorates the nursery room. Have a look at our beautiful decor. Orders placed on a working day before 7.00 p.m. will be dispatched on the same day.
  • white-airplane-shelf-petite-amelie

    Unique wall shelf in the shape of an airplane | White

  • natural-wooden-airplane-shelf-petite-amelie

    Unique wall shelf in the shape of an airplane | Natural

  • bear-plush-wall-decor-ideas-for-nursery-or-kids-room-petite-amelie-1

    Animal wall hanging decor for nursery | Bear Ted

  • brown-koala-bear-wall-decor-ideas-for-nursery-room-petite-amelie-1

    Animal wall hanging decor for kids room | Koala Bao

  • brown-lion-animal-head-wall-mount-nursery-baby-room-petite-amelie-1

    Animal wall hanging decor for childrens room | Lion Leo

  • grey-owl-bedroom-wall-decor-nursery-petite-amelie

    Animal wall hanging decor for nursery or kidsroom | Owl Olly

  • wall-decor-unicorn-dusty-pink-animal-head-petite-amelie

    Animal wall hanging decor for children's room | Unicorn | Lara

  • kitty-cat-in-pink-bedroom-wall-decor-animal-heads-petite-amelie

    Animal wall hanging decor for nursery | Cat | Kitty

  • wall_shelf_wooden_petite_amelie

    White wall shelf unit with natural wood

  • panda-animal-heads-wall-decor-ideas-petite-amelie

    Animal wall hanging decor for nursery | Panda | Bo

  • Wooden Button Wall Hooks in Grey Green

    Set of 3 Button Wall Hooks | Grey


A practical purpose: distractions on the changing mat

Of course you buy wall decoration to add more colour or to complete the design of the room, but sometimes an art piece or poster is also a nice distraction for your little one. For example, while you change your baby's nappy, he or she wants to keep moving around on the changing mat. A nice wall decoration can draw your baby's attention away from the changing process and make it easier to get the job done quickly!

Create your own wall design

The fun part of decorating the nursery room is you can design it yourself! The room should have a cosy and cheerful atmosphere that you can achieve by creating a nice balance between the baby furniture and the decor. You can add a few small paintings or fun wall hooks next to each other in a pattern on the wall. With some cute and practical wall art, you can create a lovely room for your baby to sleep in.

Baby Room Decor: Art with a Story

If you want to place a sweet quote on the wall, you can add it as a wall sticker. This wall art can really tell a story and it will look extra special above the baby bed. Use the text as the basis for the rest of the wall decorations. 

All the Decorations Available

You can choose from a collection of wall decorations:

  • Wall hooks / buttons
  • Wall shelves
  • Art Prints
The wooden decor looks great with every nursery room interior. 

Looking for design inspiration? Visit our blog!

If you want to decorate your nursery room and you're looking for some inspiration, take a look at our blog. In addition to mummy tips and helpful articles, you can learn how our products fit into various designs and styles. After you create your own design with our wall decorations, you can share it with us on Instagram. Tag us with @petiteamelie !