Classic and Beautiful Cribs for the Nursery Room

The baby bed are available in the sizes 90 x 40 cm (Bedside Sleeper Cribs) and 90 x 55 cm (Attached Bedside Sleeper Crib). With an adjustable side barrier, these baby beds can be placed next to the parents' bed to co-sleep safely. They can also be used as cribs in the nursery room when the side barrers are closed and secured. Order a new baby bed before 7 p.m. = same day dispatch!

  • Multi-Functional Bedside Sleeper Crib «Nuage» | White

    Multi-Functional Bedside Sleeper Crib «Nuage» | White

  • Multi-Functional Bedside Sleeper Crib «Nuage» | White

    Multi-Functional Bedside Sleeper Crib «Nuage» | White

  • Alain Bedside Sleeper Crib in Grey from Petite Amélie

    Bedside Sleeper Crib «Alain» | 90x40cm | Grey

  • cot-mattress-protector-baby

    Cot bed mattress protector | 90x40cm | Breathable

  • baby-mattress-90x40-cold-foam-petite-amelie-1

    Cradle Mattress Premium Cold Foam 90X40

  • organic_cotton_fitted_sheet_90x40cm_petite_amelie

    Organic Cotton Fitted Crib Sheet | 90x40cm - Off-White

  • Organic Cotton Baby Cot Mattress Sheet in Taupe from Petite Amélie

    ORGANIC COTTON Fitted Crib Sheet | 90x40cm | Light Taupe


Buying a Crib for the First Time

Are you a soon-to-be mum? What an exciting time! There's a lot to consider during this period. We'd like to make the planning of your baby's first months at home easier for you with these tips:

What is the best baby bed for my newborn?

You want to provide your newborn with a very comfortable and safe space to sleep. You also want to make the first months of motherhood as seamless as possible. A baby bed that can be used for co-sleeping and as a crib in the nursery room is a great option. You can keep your baby beside you at night and have an easier time feeding at a late hour. With a bedside sleeper crib, your baby also has a separate space that is more safe. This crib has a side barrier that can be opened and closed securely.

Benefits of a Bedside Sleeper Crib

The benefits of a bedside sleeper crib is the option to co-sleep with your little one. As the side barrer can slide down to be opened, a bedside crib can be used for co-sleeping. When the side barrier is closed and secured, you can use the crib separately in the baby's room. Depending on whether the parents' bed has a solid bed frame or a box-spring, there is an attachable bedside sleeper crib or a free-standing bedside crib. With a multi-functional bedside sleeper crib, you also have the option to use it as a rocking cradle as well.

The right mattress for a baby bed

For the majority of baby mattresses, it is possible to choose a cold foam or a latex mattress. A cold foam mattress has very good breathability and is made from OEKO-Tex certified materials for standard cots. The latex bed mattress is extra comfortable and is made using the innovative SILVER-NANO technology that prevents mold and bacteria. 

A safe baby bed

A safe baby bed is very important. Bedside sleeper cribs from Petite Amélie are designed with safety as the top priority. All our baby beds comply with EN safety regulations.

How to make a bed bed 

There's a few essential and useful items to have when making your baby's bed. You can follow the list below to make a cosy sleeping space for your little one.

  • Crib mattress
  • Breathable mattress protector
  • Fitted mattress underlay
  • Lower mattress sheet
  • Large absorbent pad or tarpaulin
  • Absorben muslin or flannel swaddle 
  • Top fitted sheet
  • A blanket or two, depending on room temperature/climate

It is advised to not use a duvet or a blanket in a duvet cover for the first two years. Making a bed bed with a comforter can cause the temperature to rise quickly. In addition, there is a risk of suffocation. 

Baby Beds with a Timeless Design

Cribs made from wood are very durable and also look great in the nursery room. A baby bed in a white or grey colour is suitable in all room interior styles. You can add a soft-coloured baby blanket or soft toy as decoration with the crib.

Why Petite Amélie?

Petite Amélie - born in Lyon - has been designing and producing unique accessories and furniture for the nursery since 2010. Petite Amélie stands for its own style, safety and customer-friendliness. Based in France and the Netherlands, our baby cot collection is unique and sold exclusively through our web store.