Putting your little one to bed is one of your most important parts of the day, as a parent. It gives you the opportunity to really spend quality time with your child, but it also means: "Finally, I can relax again!"

It is very normal for your child to have trouble or fear when going to bed.
We want to help you create a reassuring and restful environment, so that bedtime is your child's favorite moment ... at least, almost!


Children love routine! Why? It reassures them, they know what they are going to do and at the same time it gives them the opportunity to do it themselves! Here is an example (adjustable to age):

• Brushing your teeth
• Going to the loo or changing the diaper
• Time for a story with mum and / or dad(or read it yourself!)
• Soft music to get to sleep and / or turn on the night 
light • Dimming the light and closing the curtains
• Massage to help your child relax
• Hugs, kisses and then: eyes closed!


It is very important that your child feels good in his or her room. A good night's rest and adequate sleep are essential when you are growing. To be able to do this, it is smart to create separate areas in the nursery, so that your child knows what exactly is going to happen in each area:

• A sleeping area: for your baby, a bed with a bed blanket and bed sheet is very pleasant. For your toddler, a toddler bed with a matching toddler duvet is suitable. Choose a sweet, cool or cheerful print for this and combine it with a nice bedside table for example. Our collection of cribs, baby blanketstoddler bedding and toddler lamps are super cute!

• A reading and / or play corner: Frame this space with a comfortable carpet or play mat and, for example, a number of pillows. Then store the books so that they are easily accessible and visible to your child. Our children's desk and chair are both practical and beautiful!

• A storage section: for clothing and possibly toys. This space is also used to add a changing table or changing mat / wash pad to change and wash the little ones. Our wardrobes and storage units will help you to tidy everything away!


The bedtime is approaching. While your little one is still playing, you can already check the room to prepare it for bedtime.

• Organize the toys. Take a look at our storage units that are a perfect size for toddlers to use!
• Create a cozy atmosphere with indirect lighting. Our wooden lamps help to soften the atmosphere.
• Put the favorite stuffed animals and other soft toys in the bed (they also go to bed!). Here you will find our beautiful soft toys.

We wish you and your child(ren) sweet and cosy nights!

Petite Amélie

1. Night light Owl
2. Wooden night lamps
3. Children's Duvet set
4. Wooden stool
5. Soft toys
6. Children's desk and chair
7. Play mats
8. Wardrobe and Storage Units